Tuesday, November 9, 2010


since i had the day off and boy was working from home, i've had time to make breakfast, clean out the pantry, toss leftovers from the fridge, fold laundry, wash my car, pull together looks for when the weather gets one step chillier, get to the grocery, fold more laundry...the list continues to be checked off...i love the progress!

in my quiet time, while boy was on a con call, i thought, why not make chicken and dumplings, or is it chicken 'n dumplings? for dinner. after much ado and googling for the best recipe, it was mama bear who told me about fannie farmer. have you guys heard of her before? whoever she is, she's brilliant.. i couldn't find a website specifically for her (i didn't try that hard) but i did find enough websites that highlighted her chicken with dumplings as the best.

to me chicken and dumplings is the ultimate comfort food, sitting right next to good old macaroni and cheese, this is the next best thing to sitting by the fire with family...eh except our fire is going to be the 2nd season of lost or dexter..

Chicken with Dumplings
source: The Fannie Farmer Cookbook

4 or 5 lb. chicken
carrots, sliced thin
2 ribs celery with leaves, sliced fine
1 large onion, chopped
1 1/2 tsp. thyme, crumbled
1/2 tsp. rosemary, crumbled
2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper

2 cups flour
3 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. minced parsley
4 tbsp. shortening
3/4 to 1 cup milk

Rinse chicken and place in a large pot with water to cover. Add vegetables and spices. Bring to a boil, then reduce and allow to simmer until chicken is cooked. Remove chicken, separate meat from bones, and place meat back in simmering broth. Discard skin.

Combine dry ingredients and parsley. Cut in shortening until it looks like coarse meal. Stir in 3/4 c milk with a fork - add remaining milk if the dough will not hold together.

Drop dumplings by spoonful into pot. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes without lifting lid.

xo marysue

Thursday, November 4, 2010

mr. sun?

oh mister sun, sun, mister golden sun...

dreary [ˈdrɪərɪ]
adj drearierdreariest
1. sad or dull; dismal
2. wearying; boring

when dreary days are present, i can't help but dress for the weather...dark, gloomy, kinda mopey..you know the mood i'm talking about - if it was raining in your kitty city, you're probably shaking your head.

with friday around the corner and the weekend at bay, i slipped into my coziest cords, oversized flannel, and topped it off with booties, a scarf and a leather jacket. ever have those days where all you find yourself doing is daydreaming in front of your computer thinking how nice some of mom's chicken soup would be?

ex nihilo - day 2

ps you'll have to use your imagination for the outfit, apparently, i need some practice on our big mac...remember that revelation yesterday about how "easy" it was?! yeah...not so much. in the meantime, this is one of my favorite photos from the pioneer woman

xo marysue 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

new beginnings

tonight, i logged onto our new big mac computer and started to type in "kitty..." when goestocharlotte.blogspot.com didn't come up, i felt sad. i haven't played with you kitties in so long it feels like, and i'm sorry.  while i haven't blogged in quite some time, i plan to find some kind of routine in the future...like tomorrow.

since we last met, i have taken a new job, made new (ok some) friends, and served myself a heaping teaspoon of new shoes (please see picture)

whoa, speaking of logging onto the new big mac, how easy is it to write now?! just click the picture and drag...wowza, where have i been with my lame old PC from college?? coming on board as the new buyer, i have re-aquainted my heart with a whole slew of exciting things. every day something is happening...whether it's looking at my finger where my dream wedding bands will sit one day (shhh boy may or may not know yet), trying on favorite new items that come into the store, or getting used to the day to day antics, i have been more enthusiastic about waking up, dressing myself, and heading into work every day.

imagine givenchy spread out across the back floor, alaia skirts thrown on the rack, tucker dresses waiting to be steamed, and yves saint laurent shoes being unwrapped...chloe silk and chiffon wisping about in the air, custom gowns coming in droves in boxes bigger than what my closet from nyc came in (and that's pretty big) and that's not even half of it...sometimes i feel sick to my stomach to see things come and go so fast, i feel like i don't even have a moment to appreciate how pretty it is. this is where i work, this is my new home..and i like it! how cool is that couch? and yes that's a living wall in the mirror (one that was just scouted by a well known magazine for an article (more on that later) and while it seems minimalistic yet chic with the white washed faux rug and modular sofa, this place is one of the most luxurious spaces i have stepped foot in.

if you are in charlotte, come see us at poole shop!

xo marysue

Friday, September 17, 2010

peonies and polaroids


look at this new blog i stumbled on today...this girl is so cute i think i may want to come back as her in my next life with boy so we can live overseas and photo weddings all the time...

peonies and polaroids = magical

ps what's with my obsession with weddings? i can never get enough of them and i think it may be weird...god help me (and boy) whenever the wedding day strikes

xo marysue

Thursday, September 16, 2010

131 main

so the other night boy and i ordered in from 131 main. this place has been around for some time just off of east boulevard but somehow i had managed to never go. well, technically i haven't been yet but i have finally eaten from there, and let me tell you...Y U M !

131 MAIN
boy had the french dip with shoe string french fries- always a boyle staple, and i had the veggie burger fully loaded (lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayo, mustard)which was made with black beans, some quinoa, beets, and other veggies. it was mmm mmm good! the char roasted artichokes we had weren't so bad either. next time, i want to go in, sit at the bar or a cozy booth and have a big glass of wine...and maybe repeat the same meal or branch out and try the crabby cake salad!!

if you are in kitty city anytime soon, this is a definite try, enjoy!

xo marysue

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


dear kittehs,

it appears i have entirely forgotten about one of the biggest upcoming events happening this weekend in kitty queen city.

LADY GAGA is coming!! couldn't someone have reminded me?!?!

i have no clue what to wear and furthermore, i have been channeling my energy towards everything but excitement for the show. pretty girl and i have plans to eat, drink, and go goo goo for gaga. above are some inspirations for possible outfits, there will no doubt (fingers crossed) be some outrageous outfits and i plan to be fitting right in with the rest of the little monsters...

i am really liking the onesie with the big sunnies, but feel it may be more appropriate to wear something over the onesie, let's face it, i love gaga but i am NOT gaga.. since the weather is changing daily here, i will have to go raiding the closet and perhaps a little american apparel since they always seem to have great go-to items.

will have to keep you posted, meow, on to outfit hunting!

xo marysue

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

obsession du jour

after mass amounts of laundry, dishes, leftovers, and recounting this past weekend's events, i am finally getting somewhat settled into the week. on my to-do list are many things:
  • pack for nyc next week (where we will be launching summer, is it just me or did we JUST launch spring?!)
  • make acupuncture appointment
  • call mom
  • buy a leather skirt (see obsession below)
  • clean my desk to prepare for my new job (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • kiss boy
since it is going to be cooling off in nyc, i figure there is no better time to break out the transitional pieces than now. this morning, with a high of 92 in kitty city, i commented to boy on how my fall wardrobe is shaping up. "it's different here, since there aren't many transitional days, it's either always hot, or always cold, i feel like in ny there was a happy medium for a bit.." (he proceeded to tell me i was crazy but he loved me) but enough about the weather...let's talk leatha!!

today, as my inbox was flooding with top runway shows, 'best of' looks, and where everyone spent the first few nights of fashion week, i focused on refinery29's email of the day...the look was denim and leather..mixed..to perfection...i drooled..

then the hunt began and quickly ended with this beyond leather skirt 
i couldn't see straight, i popped it in my basket, then thought twice...do i NEED it? or do i just WANT it? will it round out my new fall wardrobe or will it just accentuate it? i mean, it's leather, how could i go wrong?

alice & olivia leather box pleat skirt

going to sleep on it, then decide...

oh and ps, remember these? well, i ordered them...hehehe they would be PERFECT with this skirt, no?!

xo marysue

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


this amazingness is happening right here in kitty city friday night...we have the team coming in for a weekend that is certain to go down in history...i am so excited!!!!

there is so much going on between now and the weekend i can't even keep my cap on straight, there are grocery runs, cake baking, cooking, cleaning, job switching (that's right, more news on that soon!) manicures and pedicures...did i mention we will also be legally welcoming a new citizen to the USA?!?!

so much to do..so little time!

xo marysue

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

bubbly fizz

photo: style me pretty

ever let yourself drift into space and think of the perfect tea (or in the above case: champagne) party? in the midst of trying to get back into the workday routine after the long weekend, i found this pretty little picture aka my dream afternoon. how fun to not only dress up in what could be your great grandmother's garb, play with barbies, and have bubbly...but also cake?! who thought??

saturday afternoon here i come...hope the weekend was exciting for you kitties! while in ny for the wedding, the air felt different, crisper, and definitely cooler...HELLLOOO FALL!

xo marysue

Friday, September 3, 2010

wedding bells

over the labor day weekend, boy and i are heading up to ny for our first fall-ish wedding. even though it is still hot outside, i'm feeling fall and can't help but think about transitioning to cooler weather clothes. for the weekend wedding, i must admit i struggled with the outfit. now, sometimes weddings are and easy pack for me, i have my go to dresses, shoes, and standard jewelry, but since this wedding is over labor day weekend i wonder, "should i pack white pants to wear sunday? do i dare bring that white linen dress with the beaded bib? or what about the fabulous silk maxi dress with the coral print in tangerine and aqua?" the answer to the above...sure! why not? i decided to bring the maxi since i haven't worn it all season.

for the wedding though, i decided on something that will be easy to pack and hang in the bathroom to steam, still summer-ish with the one shoulder and mini length (or lack there of) and easy shoes for dancing and walking around, between you and me i will probably bring another 2 or 3 pairs just in case i feel the wooden heel is a little too casual...the simple bracelets will be a finishing touch along with a possible dramatic eye.

if you have ever been to a wedding over labor day, what did you wear? are my choices on par?

everyone enjoy the long weekend...i know i will! meowmeow

xo marysue

Thursday, September 2, 2010

it's baaaackkk!

the other night, boy and i attended a re-launch bash hosted by swoon worthy Capitol for Veranda magazine. Proposed as a toast to the editor-in-chief, the tuesday night soiree was a mix of young and seasoned, nothing but stylish, bejeweled Charlotteans. boy, dressed (very dapper if i do say so myself) in a suit, and me in a white jewel neck tibi mini with pink suede fringe wedges, mixed and mingled, sipped on the signature cocktail of vodka, lime, and basil (something i must re-create) and gasped over the newest deliveries from isabel marant, the row, and band of outsiders...

to be honest, i was the one gasping, boy was the one indulging me by asking questions about the new celine bags, what exactly made balenciaga motorcycle bags popular, and why in heaven's name was that woman wearing an ostrich on the front of her dress?! all questions i was more than prepared to answer after thoughtfully studying the latest on style.com

speaking of...fashion week is less than 2 short weeks away and with my fingers gliding over the keyboard constantly, i will make sure to keep up to date on the latest through the following sites:

daily candy - they provide up to the minute details on the latest and greatest
style.com - always an influx of information on what tommy is snapping, which parties are happening, and who's wearing what
the sartorialist - come on...who isn't going to be following him?
garance - the lovely leading lady in scott's aka mr. sartorialist who always provides whimsy commentary on everything
whowhatweardaily - the best email blast ever

and of course the misc but probably the most important - women's wear daily...the new publication that will no doubt have the ultimate reviews of each and every show, trend, and celebrity throughout the weeks to come


missed you all dearly while i was away, from here on out i will be back to posting as usual...it's funny how easily some things can be neglected...i'm sawry kittehs!! now...speaking of neglected, we need to work on getting into an exercise routine...hmmm

xo marysue

Saturday, August 28, 2010

ATL cha ching!

Hello from Atlanta!! We have one more day of the show and thank god I will be home tomorrow ight, i can't take this travel and work 24/7anymore!!

As I sit in bed about to doze tonight, I occupy myself with my new obsession angry biiirrrds (if you don't have this app on your iphone or iPad,whatever Get. It. Now.)and the close-ish MTV reality show true life, tonight's title is perfect and I decide it can be educational for me, "true life: I'm a compulsive shopper" bingo. This is my chance to learn as much as I can about restraining my need to fill my cyber cart and real life cart with goodies everywhere I go. But, to my surprise, the girls are nothing like me, turns out, I laughed my way through the back half of the episode. One of the girls, obsessed with wigs and the other, obsessed with getting a boob job, must buy anything that steps in their path, red bull, cafe latte, wig, puppies, workout DVDs..you name it, they buy it. One task their therapist gives them is to write down everything they spend money on throughout the week..rent is not on that list, lunch is not on that list, food for the puppy is not on that list...what are theyze girls spending money on?!?

After wigobsessed gets her apartment raided and loses all of her furniture over an outstanding blackberry bill (it has to be more than that, right?) I decide maybe I'm not the compulsive shopper I thought i once was.* the emulsifier kitchen aide hand blender I got yesterday wasn't impulse, the petite glass vases and old fashioned handblown French water bottles could have been in the cards, and the pants off bluffly? Psh, that was out of need my friend. I am no compulsive shopper. It's decided.

Now that the true life that isn't really a reflection of my life is over, I'm melting my brain with snooki and jwoww and dreaming of what personals I will be ordering tomorrow on the last day of market...who said the fashion world isn't glamourous?

Xo marysue

Ps I'm posting for the first time on the amazing iPad!! Yippeee!

Monday, August 23, 2010


....but not for long! i have been to dallas, viva vegas, and now off to atlanta...i have missed you kittehs and will be back to blogging soon enough!! i will have all sorts of fun news for you, spring 2011 gets, fall 2010 gets, what to do with those j brand houlihans everyone is obsessed with, and of course, what shoes have walked into my closet lately...did you guys know zara is the best thing since sliced bread?!

until we meow again!

xo marysue

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bling bling

you know, everyone always knocked the infamous bedazzler, even me, but after seeing these tights, i may just have to drop one in my cart and checkout before i can stop myself.

 these tights by bebaroque are amazing, what's even better is they seem like an easy enough DIY! who loves you...saving money and keeping you in the loop! take a closer look, these bedazzled tights are thick enough to pass as pants (almost), fun enough to peak out from under a frilly dress, and jaw-dropping enough to make your friends say, "whaaa? where you get that?" once you've become a bedazzler queen you can confidently say, "shooo, girl, i made these"

i would bedazzle some black or navy blue tights with gold, silver, and tonal sparkles then put them with something plain on top, a black mini dress, a cream sheath, or an oversized oxford (which you know i love). slip on some flats, the seasons best over the knee boot, or even your favorite spike heels and baboosh! you are set for a date, movie night, or dinner out!

bebaroque tights and close up below


Monday, August 9, 2010

ozzie ozzie ozzie!

oi oi oi!

along with my new favorite shoe brand SENSO comes an up and comer Shakuhachi from aussieville.
the supple distressed leather tee will go perfectly with my high waist skinny black jeans, and the leather shorts will be a winner paired with my collection of semi-sheer kain tissue tees. i am especially loving the lace dress, great for a pre-fall wedding with nude sky-highs, or dressed down for a weekend in the city with combat boots or prissy bronze flats..

big things are happening in kitty city today, i'm feeling better (was under the weather all weekend) and i think it could be possible the weather is cooling down a degree or two...on wednesday we are leaving for dallas then vegas, i will be starting my packing list soon and filling you all in, floaty tops, jean shorts, white jeans?, sheer tanks......opinions welcome!!

xo marysue

Thursday, August 5, 2010

new bff

miss marc via shopbop

along with my old bff liam aka kelly of OMG shoes, i decided to add a new friend, miss marc. i know i may be a little late to the game on meeting miss marc, but i cannot resist this shopper! i have scoped out watches (don't need), earrings (would never wear), and cosmetic bags (already have 100)...even though i have more than my fair share of bags, totes, satchels, you name it, this seems to fit every requirement i have on my list right now:
  • roomy for cramming orders and other office supplies
  • big enough for my computer and other gadgets
  • easy to travel with/carry on
  • washable!
  • taupe
liam aka kelly

what do i wear?

feather report
most mornings i wake up with that question in my head. during my morning routine which consists of: roll over, waller, pet minnie kitteh, roll back over, curl into a ball, streeeeettch, then put my feet on the cushy sweater rug, pitter patter to the shower and stand under the water thinking...what do i wear? the majority of the time, it comes to me, "i know! a maxi dress!" or "today is definitely a jeans and tee day"

but some mornings, i am lost, left plundering through mass quantities of pants, tops, dresses, shoes, and jackets. when asked, boy usually comes up with the brighter idea between the two of us, "i like this top with these pants...and you could wear these shoes" but then i somehow turn into a 4 year old whining and complaining, "that shirt doesn't fit, i don't feel like it, those shoes??" and think, who am i?!

for easily solved dressing quandaries i head over to the feather report. these girls know what they are talking about - even though most posts focus on NYC weather, you can take their direction and meld it with your own inspiration and current weather. today, since i don't have a computer at home (yet!) i checked once i was in the office, in case tomorrow i wake up with the same uneasy feeling of....what do i wear?!

feather report

xo marysue 

Friday, July 30, 2010


tonight is another outing to the music factory in uptown charlotte! boy, a few people he works with on this, pretty girl, her hubster, and i are going to see the barenaked ladies, woohoo! a couple of weeks ago, you may remember we went to the counting crows concert, which was quite the experience, body paint included...this go-round, we plan to be a bit more tame, i have a 10am flight in the morning, boy has to be at a soccer tourney in SC by 9am, so we will need to reel it in just a wee bit.

needless to say, all this past talk about shoes, shopping, food, and travel, my favorite barenaked ladies song is...can you guess?

if i had $1,000,000! (are there enough 0's?!)

what would you do if you had $1,000,000? i may be all, "helloooo tiffany! eat your heart out audrey hepburn!!" or "ohhh you wee little african kitties here is some food and good will!" or "here mr. investment banker, take my moola and make it multiply!" or i may just put it all in my tiny little semi-nonexistent bank account and just let it sit there and try to forget about the dancing 0's as i fall asleep at night..what about you?

xo marysue

Thursday, July 29, 2010

make a list

and check it twice!

i am about to leave you kitties for somewhat of a month long road trip...have i ever told you what i do? i work in fashion, only i work on the wholesale side of the business...i sell clothes - hence my obsession with all things i can't have until 6 months from now!  with fashion comes markets, in spurts, to places i both love and not so much love...first up is NYC, we will be there through the 3rd of august working furiously to debut........................

SPRING 2011!!! 

can you believe? spring already! i mean, we are in the dead heat of summer, i'm practically wetting my pants waiting for fall, and here i am launching the spring collection for BB Dakota. phew! talk about a whirlwind..

now, you guys know i need to travel with assertiveness and tact, with all this travel must be some level of organization - since i will be representing only BB Dakota (yes there are other brands that i represent) that is what i will mostly be wearing...i decide i need to pack light since it is only a 4 day trip and i only need one outfit per day. long hours standing on your feet on none other than cement floors, smiling, chatting, catching up with old besties...then scurry off to dinner! more than likely you are walking, since there are no cabs to be had outside of the Javits Center...and before you know it, its midnight, you have to wake at 7am and start all over again..it's exhilarating!

so here is my packing list, deviated a little from what i originally thought about bringing - i raided the sample closet here - and put some new things together..my carry on, yes people carry on whenever you can, it's a billion times easier! will consist mostly of yummy, mushed up tees that fold into nothing, silk tanks that will greet the city breeze, jean shorts, and light twill pants...of course the shoes will take up most of the room..

photos shopbop, solestruck, net-a-porter  

i easily have 5 outfits here and could mix and match to make more, when you pack for your next trip, think about the wearability of something, make it work back to more than one thing, you will save space, i promise!!

ps: you will be proud to know that i will NOT be purchasing the hairbrush...thank you for all of your generous emails telling me in the most polite way - DO NOT BUY THE HAIRBRUSH!! I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY!!

xo marysue

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hairy and lloyd

is it bananas to spend $170 on a hairbrush?
what if it's made of boar bristles? still bananas, huh?

mason pearson brush via instyle

here's my thing, if you tell me it's worth it and i need it...more than likely, i'll get it. this brush has won many awards and has been around for longer than i have, and yes, it's price tag is $170 and up...now there are cheaper options, but i've tried that, i've gone the l'oreal cheap and unsatisfying route, upgraded to the sephora look a like, which i have to admit, am satisfied with, but at the end of the day, is it the real thing? nah..it's like a rockin' knock off, great for the moment, until someone asks if it's real, then do you lie? meh, sometimes, but often, i just push right past the question avoiding the, "um no, followed some guy off of canal street, into a back room, feared for my life, then met his wife and kids, handed him a $20 and scat out of there"...but why get the knock off when you can save your pennies and get the real thing? 

while i have been making pledges to boy daily, "i will not buy a pair of shoes until september!" "i will cook more dinners!" "i will work out more!" i may as well add this one to the list..."i will not spend $170 on a hair brush...yet. instead i will save! then donate to a good cause, because i feel badly for spending $170 on a brush, then save again, then buy shoes..." oh the woes the hairbrush brings to mind!!

if you are out there, and own a REAL DEAL mason pearson brush, is it really worth it? is it true i will have it for the rest of my life? then pass on to my daughters for them to have for their lives?

xo hairy sue (hehe)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hot diggity

question for you: when you think of july, what do you think of?

do you think of sweltering heat? cool swimming pools? flowy dresses and flat sandals? no make up and the smell of suntan lotion? cookouts and cold beers with friends?

well, when i think of july, i think of hot dogs. lots of hot dogs. it's fair to say that this july i have not yet had my fill of hot dogs (i have 4 days left as of right now) but every chance i have had to have one, i indulge. i thought this would be the perfect time to fill you in on a little shack, literally, called Brooks. in one word- hotdogheaven. the hot dogs here are just right, soft to bite into, small enough to get a full bite, flavorful, and a $buck.80!


hot dawg from brooks

one of the many rivals to brooks is the penguin. commonly called The Bird, the penguin has been around longer than baby jebus. boy and i have had one, albeit a great one, experience here. there were tall boys involved, lots of fried bits, and of course hot dogs. the winky dink dog (one of the most popular) has pimento cheese along with other accouterments...this dog was good - it was big, hard to get everything in one bite, and fell through the bottom of the bun, tear :'(

the penguin

hot dawg from penguin

in conclusion, for my next life challenge, it will be a road trip with my partner in crime to west virginia...to find the face behind this creation.

one last question for you (or maybe 2):
when was your last hot dog? and what was your favorite?

xo marysue

Monday, July 26, 2010

gilt-y pleasure

new sales starting.
hands are sweating.
body shakes.
can't breathe.
could possibly run to the bathroom and see my breakfast again. (ick please no)
everything around me goes black.
fill in information.
deep breath.
2nd day shipping? no thanks.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER pops up, sigh, relief spreads, do i want to keep shopping? i'll pass, happy with my purchase for the day. 

alex wang will be knocking on my door soon enough...thank you good lord above!!!

alex wang
 i don't know what it is about these sales, the girls behind the madness of gilt groupe have outdone themselves, nabbing some, if not all, of the biggest designers to date. the accessories sale that popped up for alexander wang today at 12noon had my name written all over it, along with about a million others i'm sure. since i have no way of affording, and no business buying, some of the luxury goods (ahem, enter this bag) at full retail, this is the next best thing, i am completely obsessed with gilt

if you haven't tried it, you should...or maybe not - because then that would mean you wouldn't be able to stop..are you ok with that?

xo marysue

Friday, July 23, 2010

eat up chickens

restaurant week has been going down in the queen city this past week and will end this sunday.

last night boy and i wined and dined with pretty girl and her hubster at this cozy mountain lodge-ish place, Noble's. we all agreed it was the place to come back to in november when it was chilly outside so we could enjoy the burning embers in the bar's fireplace and take in the woodsy smell when you walk in the door.

Noble's Restaurant, Charlotte, NC

i've always wanted to try this place and thought restaurant week would be the perfect time to try. after getting a hard time from the old school bartender about my age, "yes i'm over 21...yes i'm sure...may i please have a tequila?" (yes i enjoy a stiff drink, don't judge me!) he eyeballed me, while boy eyeballed him, then proceeded to give a pretty hefty pour to each of us, bourbon for boy, patron for me. pretty girl and hubster got there, they had cocktails, and we sat, an hour after our initial reservation - plus for Noble's - flexibility, me likey.

service was relaxed, they took their time making sure to be synced as they placed each dish on the table, wine was fabulous (plus), food delish (plus plus)- there was snapper, flounder, and lamb on the table plus lots of bread, meats and cheeses, and desert...YUM (super plus).

definitely a place to go back to, great for date night or a casual dinner at the bar. needless to say, we closed the place down - and this morning boy and i went for a run, i was a little under the weather...what's the saying? one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR?

yeah people...TGIF!

xo marysue

ahoy there!

Photo: Shopbop

this look is from shapbap, so much more fun to say than shopbop right?! their email blast today focused on price conscious outfits that are wearable for multiple occasions.

one of my favorite transitional looks of the moment, even though this won't be wearable until, ohhh, october here in the south, but to me, it's the perfect fall concert outfit, brunch then walking the streets outfit, and even better, a great 'oh, just lounging around the abode and i always look this fabulous, don't you?' outfit.

the shirt is the perfect swimsuit cover up, the overalls will be classic with one of boy's linen button downs, and the clogs will be great with over the knee socks, shorts, and a classic oxford or off the shoulder tee, multipurpose - that's how i like my outfits!

xo marysue

Thursday, July 22, 2010

wish in one hand

"again with the shoes?!" you must be saying...and the answer is yes. more shoes. only these fall into a totally different category which is, the boot.

when i think of the perfect over the knee boot (which if you haven't bought yet for fall, you must) i think of my old roommates rustic "oh i found them somewhere in italy years ago" black leather, over the knee boots. i had the guilty pleasure of being about to borrow these whenever i liked - perks to sharing shoe sizes. i became obsessed, wore them every day, even fell asleep in them one time, possibly due to being over-served, but loved them, accepted them, even tried to trade for them, but nothing worked. these were her babies, not mine..

until i found these...by joseph...of course at an obscene cost, which i will not be purchasing, gulp, unless the gods above decide boy and i should win the scratch off ticket contest in the near future.

these boots are the epitome of chic, rounded toe, clearly over the knee, exposed burnished silver zip, and tight fitting to the leg - there's nothing more annoying than slouchy over the knee boots, what's the point? one look at these on lustful net-a-porter and i was a goner...falling to the floor, convulsing, foaming at the mouth, zooming to see the fibers of suede, and then in virtual window shopping fashion, slipping my feet into them and zipping them up, over sheer tights with hearts on them and a soft cashmere tunic or a belted stolen oxford from boy's closet....

xo marysue

if you like pina coladas

on days where it's over 100degrees here, i wish i could blink and be in the breeze here..

even though this weekend i may not be able to physically go to a tropical island, i can at least feel like it! this weekend is the annual carribbean festival in charlotte. there will be steel drums, shaved ice, meat on a bone or stick (whatever you prefer, im sure) and brewskies, yahoo!

welcome to the islands mon

xo marysue

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



now...is it 5pm yet??

xo marysue


in a follow up to yesterday's post about the pure barre class, i have little to tell you other than, a.) it was amazing, 2.) i sweat more than i did that morning in crossfit, and d.) i can't move today. i can barely lift my water glass..ouchie

xo marysue

rock and a hard place

ok kitties, here's the thing. it's the middle-ish of the month and i have been a shopping fiend these past few weeks. boxes have come almost daily and i can't seem to stop...what is it about hot july weather that makes me long for fall but at the same time want nothing more than a day at the beach?

enter the above boots

while catching up on everyone's posts from today, i came across this pic from olsens anonymous (you know you want to click on it, i'm not the only girl who obsesses over them, there are others..i hope?) anyways, ashley is wearing the real deal (balmain, maybe 2 seasons ago?) which are no longer available, HOWEVER, sam edelman, a king of mid-priced shoes, made these, for the second season, because they were in such demand. after checking nearly every google result i found them...only now that they are in my cart, in my size, with no shipping charges, i am caught wondering...do i need these?

......................................................think think think..................................................................

of course i do, who am i kidding?!

with just a point and click they can be mine, but in order to think through my purchases and try to not be the compulsive shopaholic i have been lately, i am going to think about it...for at least the rest of the week, then on monday, if i feel i need them, and they are there (they are selling like hot cakes, its grueling writing this) i will get them


xo marysue


ever feel like your jewelry looks like this?

(ick! i say, so messy!)

wish it would look more like this?




i'm a personal fan of the above methods for storing/organizing my jewelry. i feel like i have droves of jewelry, all begging to be worn, piled on, mixed and matched, wanting to meet new friends. i have been more adventurous with mixing metals, necklaces, wearing only one earring, loading up on rings, you know the drill...but the one rule stands, before leaving the house, take one piece off and put it back!

now, to the organizing...you've already become an expert when it comes to cleaning out your closet and now you can clean out your jewelry drawer/pile/closet/bag/box too. currently, my jewelry is very organized, i need to be able to see everything so i can remember i have it and wear it! wear it! wear it! if there is one thing i don't do enough of, it's rotating my jewels. i've come up with the best tips i can think of to help you deck yourself more easily in the mornings, if you have any ideas yourself, i'd love to hear them!

1. desk organizers - these are the perfect way to store rings, watches, and stud earrings, if the boxes are big enough, this is also a great place to put your bangles

2. cork boards - the perfect place for your necklaces. pretty way to display your goodies for all to see, and makes for easy clean up, all you need are some thumbtacks (i like clear) and a wall to hang the board on. some cork boards are covered with fabric which also makes for a pretty display

3. ziploc bags - i have organized boy's entire office with ziploc baggies. you can see everything, they are compact, and they are sturdy for most things they are storing. these are great for your bangles, watches, rings, or stud earrings (i don't think chains would work here since they may get tangled)

4. toothbrush holder - great for your dangly earrings, hang your favs on a pretty holder and never misplace them (see? we are saving moneys too by using what we have!)

5. paint roller - possibly my favorite idea that i have yet to put into practice. my go-to wrap bracelet company chan luu uses these for displays and i must have been a fool to never go out and purchase these! GREAT for all bracelets and easy to store

6. tie rack - if you need a sleeker way than a big cork board to organize necklaces, this is the thing for you, easy to see everything, a cinch to mount, and your man will like it too, that's if your necklaces aren't taking up the whole thing already :)

try these tips and i promise you will be out of the jewelry tangled mess you are in today!

xo marysue

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

jenna lyons = goddess

Helloooooooo JCREW fall 2010 lookbook, can you say droolface?! loving all of the furry poufs and the wispy hair-dos.

check out fashionista's spread on too cool for school worthy jenna lyons here

xo marysue