Thursday, July 29, 2010

make a list

and check it twice!

i am about to leave you kitties for somewhat of a month long road trip...have i ever told you what i do? i work in fashion, only i work on the wholesale side of the business...i sell clothes - hence my obsession with all things i can't have until 6 months from now!  with fashion comes markets, in spurts, to places i both love and not so much love...first up is NYC, we will be there through the 3rd of august working furiously to debut........................

SPRING 2011!!! 

can you believe? spring already! i mean, we are in the dead heat of summer, i'm practically wetting my pants waiting for fall, and here i am launching the spring collection for BB Dakota. phew! talk about a whirlwind..

now, you guys know i need to travel with assertiveness and tact, with all this travel must be some level of organization - since i will be representing only BB Dakota (yes there are other brands that i represent) that is what i will mostly be wearing...i decide i need to pack light since it is only a 4 day trip and i only need one outfit per day. long hours standing on your feet on none other than cement floors, smiling, chatting, catching up with old besties...then scurry off to dinner! more than likely you are walking, since there are no cabs to be had outside of the Javits Center...and before you know it, its midnight, you have to wake at 7am and start all over's exhilarating!

so here is my packing list, deviated a little from what i originally thought about bringing - i raided the sample closet here - and put some new things carry on, yes people carry on whenever you can, it's a billion times easier! will consist mostly of yummy, mushed up tees that fold into nothing, silk tanks that will greet the city breeze, jean shorts, and light twill pants...of course the shoes will take up most of the room..

photos shopbop, solestruck, net-a-porter  

i easily have 5 outfits here and could mix and match to make more, when you pack for your next trip, think about the wearability of something, make it work back to more than one thing, you will save space, i promise!!

ps: you will be proud to know that i will NOT be purchasing the hairbrush...thank you for all of your generous emails telling me in the most polite way - DO NOT BUY THE HAIRBRUSH!! I REPEAT, DO NOT BUY!!

xo marysue

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