Wednesday, June 16, 2010

did i miss spring?

in the midst of moving, shuffling, touching everything i could in boy's new place i found myself surprisingly plopped on the couch watching this mornings world cup matches...and maybe i was reading Real Simple too..only during the commercials though, i promise!

i began taking a quiz to find out how i best organize and whether i am right brained or left brained. is it just me or do you always feel a little self conscious taking these kinds of quizzes, its like 'is one better than the other? what if i am the opposite of what i think i am? or worse yet, what if im neither?!' turns out, im both! boy is right...i do like to have my cake and eat it too, but really? i at least think its a good thing that both sides of my brain are actually working.

getting to the point, while moving all of boys stuff into the new abode and remembering all of the HGTV advice given (declutter declutter declutter!!) i got to closet, which currently looks similar to the photo above, needs a major makeover. shelving, weeding out, organizing, folding, hanging, heck decluttering!! with sweet mama kitty coming to town this weekend, i may just embark on the biggest quest ever...a closet cleanout! by the end of the weekend, my closet will look like THIS:

for an excellent turtorial to clean out your own closet, i found this post helpful.

stay tuned for an update on spring cleaning!
ps i have yet to focus and find the cord that links my camera to my computer, once i do, i will try to post real life pics! yippee!

xo marysue

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