Monday, August 9, 2010

ozzie ozzie ozzie! 
oi oi oi!

along with my new favorite shoe brand SENSO comes an up and comer Shakuhachi from aussieville.
the supple distressed leather tee will go perfectly with my high waist skinny black jeans, and the leather shorts will be a winner paired with my collection of semi-sheer kain tissue tees. i am especially loving the lace dress, great for a pre-fall wedding with nude sky-highs, or dressed down for a weekend in the city with combat boots or prissy bronze flats..

big things are happening in kitty city today, i'm feeling better (was under the weather all weekend) and i think it could be possible the weather is cooling down a degree or two...on wednesday we are leaving for dallas then vegas, i will be starting my packing list soon and filling you all in, floaty tops, jean shorts, white jeans?, sheer tanks......opinions welcome!!

xo marysue

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