Wednesday, July 21, 2010


ever feel like your jewelry looks like this?

(ick! i say, so messy!)

wish it would look more like this?




i'm a personal fan of the above methods for storing/organizing my jewelry. i feel like i have droves of jewelry, all begging to be worn, piled on, mixed and matched, wanting to meet new friends. i have been more adventurous with mixing metals, necklaces, wearing only one earring, loading up on rings, you know the drill...but the one rule stands, before leaving the house, take one piece off and put it back!

now, to the've already become an expert when it comes to cleaning out your closet and now you can clean out your jewelry drawer/pile/closet/bag/box too. currently, my jewelry is very organized, i need to be able to see everything so i can remember i have it and wear it! wear it! wear it! if there is one thing i don't do enough of, it's rotating my jewels. i've come up with the best tips i can think of to help you deck yourself more easily in the mornings, if you have any ideas yourself, i'd love to hear them!

1. desk organizers - these are the perfect way to store rings, watches, and stud earrings, if the boxes are big enough, this is also a great place to put your bangles

2. cork boards - the perfect place for your necklaces. pretty way to display your goodies for all to see, and makes for easy clean up, all you need are some thumbtacks (i like clear) and a wall to hang the board on. some cork boards are covered with fabric which also makes for a pretty display

3. ziploc bags - i have organized boy's entire office with ziploc baggies. you can see everything, they are compact, and they are sturdy for most things they are storing. these are great for your bangles, watches, rings, or stud earrings (i don't think chains would work here since they may get tangled)

4. toothbrush holder - great for your dangly earrings, hang your favs on a pretty holder and never misplace them (see? we are saving moneys too by using what we have!)

5. paint roller - possibly my favorite idea that i have yet to put into practice. my go-to wrap bracelet company chan luu uses these for displays and i must have been a fool to never go out and purchase these! GREAT for all bracelets and easy to store

6. tie rack - if you need a sleeker way than a big cork board to organize necklaces, this is the thing for you, easy to see everything, a cinch to mount, and your man will like it too, that's if your necklaces aren't taking up the whole thing already :)

try these tips and i promise you will be out of the jewelry tangled mess you are in today!

xo marysue

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  1. perfect! i can't wait to go home and organize my jewelry mess! not sure which to start with the paint roller or the cork board? ah!! love this!