Thursday, August 5, 2010

what do i wear?

feather report
most mornings i wake up with that question in my head. during my morning routine which consists of: roll over, waller, pet minnie kitteh, roll back over, curl into a ball, streeeeettch, then put my feet on the cushy sweater rug, pitter patter to the shower and stand under the water thinking...what do i wear? the majority of the time, it comes to me, "i know! a maxi dress!" or "today is definitely a jeans and tee day"

but some mornings, i am lost, left plundering through mass quantities of pants, tops, dresses, shoes, and jackets. when asked, boy usually comes up with the brighter idea between the two of us, "i like this top with these pants...and you could wear these shoes" but then i somehow turn into a 4 year old whining and complaining, "that shirt doesn't fit, i don't feel like it, those shoes??" and think, who am i?!

for easily solved dressing quandaries i head over to the feather report. these girls know what they are talking about - even though most posts focus on NYC weather, you can take their direction and meld it with your own inspiration and current weather. today, since i don't have a computer at home (yet!) i checked once i was in the office, in case tomorrow i wake up with the same uneasy feeling of....what do i wear?!

feather report

xo marysue 

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