Monday, July 26, 2010

gilt-y pleasure

new sales starting.
hands are sweating.
body shakes.
can't breathe.
could possibly run to the bathroom and see my breakfast again. (ick please no)
everything around me goes black.
fill in information.
deep breath.
2nd day shipping? no thanks.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER pops up, sigh, relief spreads, do i want to keep shopping? i'll pass, happy with my purchase for the day. 

alex wang will be knocking on my door soon enough...thank you good lord above!!!

alex wang
 i don't know what it is about these sales, the girls behind the madness of gilt groupe have outdone themselves, nabbing some, if not all, of the biggest designers to date. the accessories sale that popped up for alexander wang today at 12noon had my name written all over it, along with about a million others i'm sure. since i have no way of affording, and no business buying, some of the luxury goods (ahem, enter this bag) at full retail, this is the next best thing, i am completely obsessed with gilt

if you haven't tried it, you should...or maybe not - because then that would mean you wouldn't be able to stop..are you ok with that?

xo marysue

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