Wednesday, September 15, 2010


dear kittehs,

it appears i have entirely forgotten about one of the biggest upcoming events happening this weekend in kitty queen city.

LADY GAGA is coming!! couldn't someone have reminded me?!?!

i have no clue what to wear and furthermore, i have been channeling my energy towards everything but excitement for the show. pretty girl and i have plans to eat, drink, and go goo goo for gaga. above are some inspirations for possible outfits, there will no doubt (fingers crossed) be some outrageous outfits and i plan to be fitting right in with the rest of the little monsters...

i am really liking the onesie with the big sunnies, but feel it may be more appropriate to wear something over the onesie, let's face it, i love gaga but i am NOT gaga.. since the weather is changing daily here, i will have to go raiding the closet and perhaps a little american apparel since they always seem to have great go-to items.

will have to keep you posted, meow, on to outfit hunting!

xo marysue

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