Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bling bling

you know, everyone always knocked the infamous bedazzler, even me, but after seeing these tights, i may just have to drop one in my cart and checkout before i can stop myself.

 these tights by bebaroque are amazing, what's even better is they seem like an easy enough DIY! who loves you...saving money and keeping you in the loop! take a closer look, these bedazzled tights are thick enough to pass as pants (almost), fun enough to peak out from under a frilly dress, and jaw-dropping enough to make your friends say, "whaaa? where you get that?" once you've become a bedazzler queen you can confidently say, "shooo, girl, i made these"

i would bedazzle some black or navy blue tights with gold, silver, and tonal sparkles then put them with something plain on top, a black mini dress, a cream sheath, or an oversized oxford (which you know i love). slip on some flats, the seasons best over the knee boot, or even your favorite spike heels and baboosh! you are set for a date, movie night, or dinner out!

bebaroque tights and close up below


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