Tuesday, September 14, 2010

obsession du jour

after mass amounts of laundry, dishes, leftovers, and recounting this past weekend's events, i am finally getting somewhat settled into the week. on my to-do list are many things:
  • pack for nyc next week (where we will be launching summer, is it just me or did we JUST launch spring?!)
  • make acupuncture appointment
  • call mom
  • buy a leather skirt (see obsession below)
  • clean my desk to prepare for my new job (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • kiss boy
since it is going to be cooling off in nyc, i figure there is no better time to break out the transitional pieces than now. this morning, with a high of 92 in kitty city, i commented to boy on how my fall wardrobe is shaping up. "it's different here, since there aren't many transitional days, it's either always hot, or always cold, i feel like in ny there was a happy medium for a bit.." (he proceeded to tell me i was crazy but he loved me) but enough about the weather...let's talk leatha!!

today, as my inbox was flooding with top runway shows, 'best of' looks, and where everyone spent the first few nights of fashion week, i focused on refinery29's email of the day...the look was denim and leather..mixed..to perfection...i drooled..

then the hunt began and quickly ended with this beyond leather skirt 
i couldn't see straight, i popped it in my basket, then thought twice...do i NEED it? or do i just WANT it? will it round out my new fall wardrobe or will it just accentuate it? i mean, it's leather, how could i go wrong?

alice & olivia leather box pleat skirt

going to sleep on it, then decide...

oh and ps, remember these? well, i ordered them...hehehe they would be PERFECT with this skirt, no?!

xo marysue

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