Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hairy and lloyd

is it bananas to spend $170 on a hairbrush?
what if it's made of boar bristles? still bananas, huh?

mason pearson brush via instyle

here's my thing, if you tell me it's worth it and i need it...more than likely, i'll get it. this brush has won many awards and has been around for longer than i have, and yes, it's price tag is $170 and there are cheaper options, but i've tried that, i've gone the l'oreal cheap and unsatisfying route, upgraded to the sephora look a like, which i have to admit, am satisfied with, but at the end of the day, is it the real thing?'s like a rockin' knock off, great for the moment, until someone asks if it's real, then do you lie? meh, sometimes, but often, i just push right past the question avoiding the, "um no, followed some guy off of canal street, into a back room, feared for my life, then met his wife and kids, handed him a $20 and scat out of there"...but why get the knock off when you can save your pennies and get the real thing? 

while i have been making pledges to boy daily, "i will not buy a pair of shoes until september!" "i will cook more dinners!" "i will work out more!" i may as well add this one to the list..."i will not spend $170 on a hair brush...yet. instead i will save! then donate to a good cause, because i feel badly for spending $170 on a brush, then save again, then buy shoes..." oh the woes the hairbrush brings to mind!!

if you are out there, and own a REAL DEAL mason pearson brush, is it really worth it? is it true i will have it for the rest of my life? then pass on to my daughters for them to have for their lives?

xo hairy sue (hehe)


  1. suey, my sis is obsessing over the SAME thing right now! she heard they have better deals on them here in London, so if I find them I will bring back 2 for you straightbrownhair girls:)

  2. yessssss thank you!!!! obsessed! xxo

  3. The answer is YES! It's worth it!!! Would never use anything but!!