Saturday, August 28, 2010

ATL cha ching!

Hello from Atlanta!! We have one more day of the show and thank god I will be home tomorrow ight, i can't take this travel and work 24/7anymore!!

As I sit in bed about to doze tonight, I occupy myself with my new obsession angry biiirrrds (if you don't have this app on your iphone or iPad,whatever Get. It. Now.)and the close-ish MTV reality show true life, tonight's title is perfect and I decide it can be educational for me, "true life: I'm a compulsive shopper" bingo. This is my chance to learn as much as I can about restraining my need to fill my cyber cart and real life cart with goodies everywhere I go. But, to my surprise, the girls are nothing like me, turns out, I laughed my way through the back half of the episode. One of the girls, obsessed with wigs and the other, obsessed with getting a boob job, must buy anything that steps in their path, red bull, cafe latte, wig, puppies, workout name it, they buy it. One task their therapist gives them is to write down everything they spend money on throughout the is not on that list, lunch is not on that list, food for the puppy is not on that list...what are theyze girls spending money on?!?

After wigobsessed gets her apartment raided and loses all of her furniture over an outstanding blackberry bill (it has to be more than that, right?) I decide maybe I'm not the compulsive shopper I thought i once was.* the emulsifier kitchen aide hand blender I got yesterday wasn't impulse, the petite glass vases and old fashioned handblown French water bottles could have been in the cards, and the pants off bluffly? Psh, that was out of need my friend. I am no compulsive shopper. It's decided.

Now that the true life that isn't really a reflection of my life is over, I'm melting my brain with snooki and jwoww and dreaming of what personals I will be ordering tomorrow on the last day of market...who said the fashion world isn't glamourous?

Xo marysue

Ps I'm posting for the first time on the amazing iPad!! Yippeee!

Monday, August 23, 2010


....but not for long! i have been to dallas, viva vegas, and now off to atlanta...i have missed you kittehs and will be back to blogging soon enough!! i will have all sorts of fun news for you, spring 2011 gets, fall 2010 gets, what to do with those j brand houlihans everyone is obsessed with, and of course, what shoes have walked into my closet lately...did you guys know zara is the best thing since sliced bread?!

until we meow again!

xo marysue

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bling bling

you know, everyone always knocked the infamous bedazzler, even me, but after seeing these tights, i may just have to drop one in my cart and checkout before i can stop myself.

 these tights by bebaroque are amazing, what's even better is they seem like an easy enough DIY! who loves you...saving money and keeping you in the loop! take a closer look, these bedazzled tights are thick enough to pass as pants (almost), fun enough to peak out from under a frilly dress, and jaw-dropping enough to make your friends say, "whaaa? where you get that?" once you've become a bedazzler queen you can confidently say, "shooo, girl, i made these"

i would bedazzle some black or navy blue tights with gold, silver, and tonal sparkles then put them with something plain on top, a black mini dress, a cream sheath, or an oversized oxford (which you know i love). slip on some flats, the seasons best over the knee boot, or even your favorite spike heels and baboosh! you are set for a date, movie night, or dinner out!

bebaroque tights and close up below


Monday, August 9, 2010

ozzie ozzie ozzie! 
oi oi oi!

along with my new favorite shoe brand SENSO comes an up and comer Shakuhachi from aussieville.
the supple distressed leather tee will go perfectly with my high waist skinny black jeans, and the leather shorts will be a winner paired with my collection of semi-sheer kain tissue tees. i am especially loving the lace dress, great for a pre-fall wedding with nude sky-highs, or dressed down for a weekend in the city with combat boots or prissy bronze flats..

big things are happening in kitty city today, i'm feeling better (was under the weather all weekend) and i think it could be possible the weather is cooling down a degree or two...on wednesday we are leaving for dallas then vegas, i will be starting my packing list soon and filling you all in, floaty tops, jean shorts, white jeans?, sheer tanks......opinions welcome!!

xo marysue

Thursday, August 5, 2010

new bff

miss marc via shopbop

along with my old bff liam aka kelly of OMG shoes, i decided to add a new friend, miss marc. i know i may be a little late to the game on meeting miss marc, but i cannot resist this shopper! i have scoped out watches (don't need), earrings (would never wear), and cosmetic bags (already have 100)...even though i have more than my fair share of bags, totes, satchels, you name it, this seems to fit every requirement i have on my list right now:
  • roomy for cramming orders and other office supplies
  • big enough for my computer and other gadgets
  • easy to travel with/carry on
  • washable!
  • taupe
liam aka kelly

what do i wear?

feather report
most mornings i wake up with that question in my head. during my morning routine which consists of: roll over, waller, pet minnie kitteh, roll back over, curl into a ball, streeeeettch, then put my feet on the cushy sweater rug, pitter patter to the shower and stand under the water thinking...what do i wear? the majority of the time, it comes to me, "i know! a maxi dress!" or "today is definitely a jeans and tee day"

but some mornings, i am lost, left plundering through mass quantities of pants, tops, dresses, shoes, and jackets. when asked, boy usually comes up with the brighter idea between the two of us, "i like this top with these pants...and you could wear these shoes" but then i somehow turn into a 4 year old whining and complaining, "that shirt doesn't fit, i don't feel like it, those shoes??" and think, who am i?!

for easily solved dressing quandaries i head over to the feather report. these girls know what they are talking about - even though most posts focus on NYC weather, you can take their direction and meld it with your own inspiration and current weather. today, since i don't have a computer at home (yet!) i checked once i was in the office, in case tomorrow i wake up with the same uneasy feeling of....what do i wear?!

feather report

xo marysue