Saturday, August 28, 2010

ATL cha ching!

Hello from Atlanta!! We have one more day of the show and thank god I will be home tomorrow ight, i can't take this travel and work 24/7anymore!!

As I sit in bed about to doze tonight, I occupy myself with my new obsession angry biiirrrds (if you don't have this app on your iphone or iPad,whatever Get. It. Now.)and the close-ish MTV reality show true life, tonight's title is perfect and I decide it can be educational for me, "true life: I'm a compulsive shopper" bingo. This is my chance to learn as much as I can about restraining my need to fill my cyber cart and real life cart with goodies everywhere I go. But, to my surprise, the girls are nothing like me, turns out, I laughed my way through the back half of the episode. One of the girls, obsessed with wigs and the other, obsessed with getting a boob job, must buy anything that steps in their path, red bull, cafe latte, wig, puppies, workout name it, they buy it. One task their therapist gives them is to write down everything they spend money on throughout the is not on that list, lunch is not on that list, food for the puppy is not on that list...what are theyze girls spending money on?!?

After wigobsessed gets her apartment raided and loses all of her furniture over an outstanding blackberry bill (it has to be more than that, right?) I decide maybe I'm not the compulsive shopper I thought i once was.* the emulsifier kitchen aide hand blender I got yesterday wasn't impulse, the petite glass vases and old fashioned handblown French water bottles could have been in the cards, and the pants off bluffly? Psh, that was out of need my friend. I am no compulsive shopper. It's decided.

Now that the true life that isn't really a reflection of my life is over, I'm melting my brain with snooki and jwoww and dreaming of what personals I will be ordering tomorrow on the last day of market...who said the fashion world isn't glamourous?

Xo marysue

Ps I'm posting for the first time on the amazing iPad!! Yippeee!

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  1. Hey Girlie - just stopped by to say "Moi" (I'm Finnish now:)) and catch up on what I'm supposed to be wearing this season!
    Miss you!