Thursday, September 2, 2010

it's baaaackkk!

the other night, boy and i attended a re-launch bash hosted by swoon worthy Capitol for Veranda magazine. Proposed as a toast to the editor-in-chief, the tuesday night soiree was a mix of young and seasoned, nothing but stylish, bejeweled Charlotteans. boy, dressed (very dapper if i do say so myself) in a suit, and me in a white jewel neck tibi mini with pink suede fringe wedges, mixed and mingled, sipped on the signature cocktail of vodka, lime, and basil (something i must re-create) and gasped over the newest deliveries from isabel marant, the row, and band of outsiders...

to be honest, i was the one gasping, boy was the one indulging me by asking questions about the new celine bags, what exactly made balenciaga motorcycle bags popular, and why in heaven's name was that woman wearing an ostrich on the front of her dress?! all questions i was more than prepared to answer after thoughtfully studying the latest on

speaking week is less than 2 short weeks away and with my fingers gliding over the keyboard constantly, i will make sure to keep up to date on the latest through the following sites:

daily candy - they provide up to the minute details on the latest and greatest - always an influx of information on what tommy is snapping, which parties are happening, and who's wearing what
the sartorialist - come on...who isn't going to be following him?
garance - the lovely leading lady in scott's aka mr. sartorialist who always provides whimsy commentary on everything
whowhatweardaily - the best email blast ever

and of course the misc but probably the most important - women's wear daily...the new publication that will no doubt have the ultimate reviews of each and every show, trend, and celebrity throughout the weeks to come


missed you all dearly while i was away, from here on out i will be back to posting as's funny how easily some things can be neglected...i'm sawry kittehs!! now...speaking of neglected, we need to work on getting into an exercise routine...hmmm

xo marysue

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