Friday, September 3, 2010

wedding bells

over the labor day weekend, boy and i are heading up to ny for our first fall-ish wedding. even though it is still hot outside, i'm feeling fall and can't help but think about transitioning to cooler weather clothes. for the weekend wedding, i must admit i struggled with the outfit. now, sometimes weddings are and easy pack for me, i have my go to dresses, shoes, and standard jewelry, but since this wedding is over labor day weekend i wonder, "should i pack white pants to wear sunday? do i dare bring that white linen dress with the beaded bib? or what about the fabulous silk maxi dress with the coral print in tangerine and aqua?" the answer to the above...sure! why not? i decided to bring the maxi since i haven't worn it all season.

for the wedding though, i decided on something that will be easy to pack and hang in the bathroom to steam, still summer-ish with the one shoulder and mini length (or lack there of) and easy shoes for dancing and walking around, between you and me i will probably bring another 2 or 3 pairs just in case i feel the wooden heel is a little too casual...the simple bracelets will be a finishing touch along with a possible dramatic eye.

if you have ever been to a wedding over labor day, what did you wear? are my choices on par?

everyone enjoy the long weekend...i know i will! meowmeow

xo marysue


  1. it's topshop! actually more of a tunic, super short, so i sized up, you must get!