Friday, April 30, 2010

jay z? is that you?!

im a sucker for some loose gauzy tops and dresses in the summertime - this weekend I head up to hot and sunny nyc for a weekend of play (boy is meeting me there!) and then work through the next week. While there I will be thankful for the following: a haircut (yippee!), topshop, street pizza (why is it so hard to find decent pizza anywhere but nyc?), dinner with girlfriends, brunch with couple friends, and a warm bed, eh sofa? to snooze on after the KENTUCKY DERBY! the derby means nothing to me really, except for a bigger headband, fuller skirt on a dress, mint juleps, and the possibility of winning after bidding on the 'prettiest horse' because those, of course, must run the fastest right?

xo, marysue

photos courtesy of, topshop, and intermix

Thursday, April 29, 2010

last minute detail

i would die for this bag. literally. throw myself in front of a speeding bus all in the name of lust for this bag. i know the leopard may be a little out there and i have been shockingly strong when it comes to resisting all of alexander wang's many lovely accessories he has come out with this year. but this...this is worth saving for. i'm dying!!!

xo marysue


today's obsession is inspired by the wiiiiild west. i have been feeling very annie oakley mixed with laura ingalls wilder thrown in with scarlett o'hara and finished off with a dash of Dr. quinn medicine woman.

fringe, rugged boots, slouchy but still tailored trousers, blouse-y tops, and floral tunics...this post from is making my knees weak with their new shipment of golden goose boots (yes that's right, the ultimate handmade, straight-out-of-the-italian-cobbler's-hands-to-your-door-fit)and luxe fringe shoulder satchels...i'm dying!! the only thing that would make the online shopping experience better is to invent smell-o-screen. why is it so hard to have a little scratch and sniff square on your screen so you are able to literally smell the coast of italy as the boots leave the dock to come stateside? or the hide of the nice little calf who gifted you the bag with long strands of fringe? or better yet...the crunchy peanut butter bars with a richly melted milk chocolate and caramel glaze you are reading about on i guess the saying is can't always get what you want :( big. fat. tear. wehhhhhhhhh!

xo marysue

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

question for you

do you think in some kitty friendly world, these two would be friends? this is ruby gatta (top), she is best friends with a fun bunny named fifi lapin(thank you em for introducing me to her!) i thought she and minnie could be fancy feast friends, they both seem to be queenies, outgoing, fashion forward (well, minnie at least loves the catwalk), and i though this was such a fun little website. both fifi and ruby seem so friendly, like you would love to join them for tea and biscuits sometime? or is that just me?

here are links to both sites for you to play on...
www. - i also like how she asks you what she should wear everyday!

meow meow

xo marysue

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the little boat that could..

with the new purchase under his belt, mine are just getting started! (yikes) the new place has a crisp spring-y feel, and i'm thinking cool blues, winter whites, and yummy toffees for a color palate...i have limited myself to the upstairs guest bedroom/sitting area for the moment - setting myself a strict budget and taking inspiration for a little DIY, i am ready to jump in!

this little picture above really made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. pen and inked by the sweet artist Alena Hennessy ( she fully embraces the whimsical world around us...maybe for the bathroom? or in the bedroom? hmmm...thoughts anyone?

xo marysue

Monday, April 26, 2010

the house hunt has ended...

while i did love going to see all of the properties boy was considering when making his monumental decision to purchase a place, it is nice to finally say...HE FOUND ONE!

this beautiful cedar shake structure is now what he will call home. sigh...all grown up! making waves in the adult world of buying a place and building equity! (he's so smahhht)

to celebrate on friday i surprised him with a bottle of our favorite bubble and strawberries - only fitting for the amazing weather, and me skipping out on work early!

while boy had a lot left on his plate to wrap up the week, he gave in for a little champers (ok, maybe the whole bottle) and berries on the porch. after the afternoon drinking made its appearance, it was hard to say goodbye, at least for the moment, he finished his work, and then off we went to a local pub, tavern on the tracks to continue drinks, have some good eats, and usher in a relaxing weekend...

xo, marysue

farm to fork

ok all of you...if you haven't been yet - you must try kitty city's local 'farm to fork' restaurant Ratcliffe on the Green! set in what used to be an old time-y flower shop,(to read more about the history, this eatery focuses on surrounding area farmers and fresh food for all tastebuds: they have veggies, meats, pastas, seafoods...all made/grown/harvested locally. YUM! boy and i sat in the restaurant's fishbowl table (pictured), windows all around us at the front of the place - (great for people watching) and enjoyed conversation, cocktails, and good eats.

if you find yourself strolling the downtown streets, near sayyyy 435 south tryon st, i would pop in and for sure order the following...

cocktail of choice to start
glass of champagne! (what better way to celebrate than with bubbles??)
bottle of delicious wine
french onion soup - one of boy's favorites
mussels with toasted points
prime rib with fresh brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes
sides of: wilted spinach and Gruyere mac n' cheese
AND to top it all off....
CREME BRULEE - this was our least favorite of the glutenous meal but we had to have something sweet right?

can't you see yourself and your sweetie/family/mom/bestie cozy in the front window enjoying an evening of amazing-ness?!

xo, marysue

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ohmm, ahhh, ouch!

don't you always wish you could have an outer body experience?
if you could, what would it be? some may say their wedding day, birth of a child, or when winning the lottery....well, i say, when i'm getting a facial!!! there is no better time to literally leave your body and oversee everything that woman is doing. don't you think that would be neat? or is that just, ok - i get it...kinda gross.

a facial is quite the experience. you love it one minute, ahh the mask feels so good being painted on my cheeks, and hate it the next, ouch lady! could you remember to not jab your nails in the side of my nose?? but overall there is nothing better than sitting up on the table and seeing a whole new you in the mirror..face glowing, fully hydrated, zero little black dots, well ok maybe a couple of red spots remaining from the turkish zit killer.

all in all i will be going back to be poked and prodded by the famous facialist in kitty city, because really..what better way is there to be pampered on a tuesday night?

tonight is celebration station with boy - he is taking me to a local 'farm to fork' eatery in the city, supposed to be delish with daily produce pouring in the door asking to be made into delightful dishes...will keep you posted!

xo marysue

Friday, April 16, 2010

i'm breezy!

anyone think this is the most whimsical happy place to be on a sunday afternoon, rain or shine, after too big of a brunch?
for those out there with any decorating instincts, i am about to join you!! boy is looking to buy a permanent place here in kitty city (so exciting, i know!)
and we have decided to take our time decorating...but i cant help but look everywhere i can, every antique store, website, furniture superstore, catalog, everywhere! "leave no stone unturned!" an old boss once told me and so i intend to leave literally no stone unturned. any advice is welcome! boy and i are looking forward to decorating a cozy little place for him to settle in, i must admit, i think i am a leeeetttle more excited than he is though....

any input is greatly appreciated from you design lovers!

xo marysue

Thursday, April 15, 2010

cluck-n-cup cluck-n-cup cluck-n-cup cluck-n-cup...can you say cluck-n-cup ten times in a row? me neither...

today i met boy for lunch at a cute little eatery in my hood called, yep, you guessed it...cluck-n-cup! it is a small, boutique-ish breakfast/lunch spot that would remind you of aunt bee's kitchen. there are chairs upholstered with roosters and chickens and a cozy little reading corner with books from all different authors and a yummy squishy chair begging to be sat in.

i had the specialty, chicken pot pie (of course) and boy had the turkey hoagie melt..mmmm both were delish, i mean a-mahhh-zing, the pie pumped with veggies and juicy chicken, the sammy filled with melted provolone and crispy bacon. once the plates were polished off boy asked 'is it a keeper?'...judging from my full belly and sleepy eyes, i would say YES!

xo marysue

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i gotta nude attitude

I remember how my brother and i used to wear two different colors of chucks on our feet when we were kiddies. as i grew (my shoe collection too) i always wondered if i could pull off wearing two totally different shoes that went perfectly together...well...THANK YOU Margiela!! stunningly shiny stilettos that not only enlongate your legs (did you know that?) but one swift turn of the ankle and POW! a just as shiny black shoe appears...sighh magic...

xo marysue

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Helllllooooo spring!!

i am a huge fan of Steven Alan, they have just the right mix of boyishly cute frills for girls, and handsome preppy for guys...this dress caught my eye and i am newly obsessed! when in nyc in may i may need to sneak in and grab this brightly colored spring dream of a dress..

Best of the Best

was just voted TRENDIEST BOUTIQUE IN CHARLOTTE according to Charlotte Magazine's Best of the Best awards...

Amazing!!! Go Megan!

xo marysue

fashion tuesday review


hello again friend..i have missed writing for the past couple of weeks but am ready to get back to it. a lot has happened since i last lusted over the neon yellow stripe down the back of the chain crossed week ago i was in Augusta to support a great friend of mine Stacey Haskins. she has headed up her very own non-profit since 2006 in honor of her niece Bowen who was born with a special heart. to read more about Bowen and Stacey's story please visit

so, stacey had a full house of maybe 100 ladies-who-lunch gather in the Sacred Heart Cultural Center (above) all decked in Milly. Michelle Smith, owner and designer of Milly, attended to support Stacey as well as contribute her designs for an amazing fashion show post lunch. Now, that's what i call a wonderful tuesday, am i right?!

Here i am in Tucker by Gaby Basora(not in Milly, clearly i missed the memo??) with the owner of Village (left), one of the best boutiques this side of the mason dixon line.
side note - stacey is the buyer for Village which is how we met and became besties 3+ years ago...

Stacey (right), with Susan Steiner, buyer for boutique VanJean in SC, both in Milly.

while the ladies lunched, i was delegated to the back of the venue to help prep, dress, and coach the models on hand before the fashion show. champagne was flowing to keep nerves to a minimum and cheeks flushed pink, zippers zipped, buttons buttoned, blouses tucked, hair sprayed...they headed out one by one to a hip hop mixture of oldies and newbies. more pictures to come!!

after the brief few hour stint in augusta, it was time to head the final two hours to atlanta for the fall '10 trade show.
sell! sell! sell! were the words of the week as we hustled in account after account across the southeast to see the latest fall collections from the likes of BB Dakota, Jack by BB Dakota, Anoname denim (my new favorite), and Idylle tees. sighhh, fashion - always moving so fast...i love it!!

view from JCT Kitchen in Atlanta...where i had dinner with these girls!

That's right, i have a huge flower on my head...i love head gear! have i mentioned that before?? i'll have to tell you alllll about that sometime..

xo marysue