Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a one, a two, three..

i've never been a dancer, well, i take that back, i can boogie on the dancefloor better than anyone but when it comes to the light of day, sober, and with an audience, i've never been a dancer.

but tonight, with my newish found mirror image - pretty girl lives in nyc, has distance romance, marries man who lives in kitty nc, and moved in January to be with new hubby, we have basically been leading parallel lives for god knows how long, and now we are finally on the same page in kitty city!

while eating thai last week, we saw the new pure barre that had just opened in charlotte. 'we must go!' we both said in unison, so one week later, here we are...i have my leotard, leggings, leg warmers, headband, and wristbands, what else does a dancer need?! kidding, i just have a tee shirt and leggings, but the image was fun right? i think i would look something like this..

xo marysue

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