Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hai kitteh

if you haven't signed up for this daily email, you should. cat lover, dog lover, celeb fanatic, look-alike seeker, anything - it will make your day, everyday. i promise, if it doesn't, call me and i will read them to you in the funny voice i have made up for reading it in my head (kind of a high pitch fast talk)...try it!!! who knwos, u may become zo obsessed wit eet u start typing liek it

otherwise, i am recuperating from last night - boy and i went out for a little business dinner, hosting first for cocktails at his new pad then out walking around until we found something we liked.

Bonterra was calling our name, for the second time in a week, boy and i are clearly loving discovering the new hood and food. set in one of dilworth's oldest churches, this romantic, table-clothed, 400 bottle boasting wine list, underground cellar designated for private parties of 10 or less, was nothing short of stuffy, until we walked in...both times the service was great, drinks were stiff, and food was fab.

i think that's the best thing about going to these places, with good food, good company, and good attitudes, you can't go wrong!! if you live in kitty city, you should for sure put this on the list to try, maybe for an anniversary, birthday, or tuesday night dinner.

xo marysue

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

voila! inspiration

with the unstoppable heat outside (i kinda like it, if only there were a kiddie pool outside my office) i can't help but feel a little lethargic. i don't know if it's the upcoming holiday (i'm already on the beach in my mind)or the relaxed atmosphere of july in the fashion world. kitties, when i say nothing is doing this month, believe me, nothing is doing!!

so in search of some kind of inspiration...since this week is full of nightly activities, dinner parties, and entertaining in boy's new abode, i've decided to try a few new recipes...this yummy sounding, appropriately named, wing recipe from juliesmeltingpot sounds right up boy and company's alley for upcoming world cup games, where this light delight drink recipe, courtesy of mama sue, below sounds fantastic for an evening on the porch with friends.

  • a pitcher
  • some limes - i'd say 2-3 sliced and put in the bottom of the pitcher
  • a few mint leaves
  • thick cucumber slices - or a handful of thinly sliced ones - i use about 6 or 7 slices
  • a little sugar - maybe a tablespoon or so, enough to get some juices from the above ingredients flowing
  • Vodka - boy prefers kettle one, i prefer anything clear and in the freezer
  • soda water -optional

what you're gonna do, is put all of the ingredients except for the vodka and soda water in the pitcher, then take a wooden spoon and think of that pesky co-worker that annoys you, and start smashing.

really go for it! this is therapy people..get it all out!

once you have a good amount of juice in the bottom of the pitcher, add your vodka, stir, pour over ice with a splash of soda for a little fizz, and serve with a fresh cucumber or mint leaf and enjoy!

xo marysue

Friday, June 25, 2010

6th senso

do you remember my obsession with these a little while ago? and they were sold out on my favorite shoe site solestruck? well...they're available for pre-order

i am sick over these shoes!! and love the little bunny head too...i am scooping them up before the sell out - last time i feel like i just missed the last pairs of 8 in these furry leopard monsters and then some cut-out space age-y ones, delish!! i want more of this aussie brand NOW!! (i totally feel like veruka salt from willy wanka hehe)

xo marysue

Thursday, June 24, 2010

my oh my

Ok, seriously. has anyone ever been to this site? from the creators of, comes this deeply discounted yet still cherry picked like a boutique fashion website. how much more fun could online window shopping be? with these prices, one can't resist but buy something. the most adorable polka dotted atwood's that once were $795 are now just a mere $318...saving you, dear shopper i don't know how much, but a lot! this is my favorite kind of shopping - boys least's simple really...look at all the money you ARE saving! what if you bought those shoes for the original price but then learned you could pay far less for the same great pair?? with that extra moola burning a hole in your, well ok, my wallet, i would for sure grab the shay todd floral silk blended tunic that was $400 but is now $160 and wear them with my new wedges (see below) and jj winters fringe bag...gasp! 2 for the price of 1 if you will...

go check it out....go NOW! before my cart overloads and computer crashes!!

psst, the best part is, if you sign up for their emails, they will let you in on the best kept secret in fashion - their ultimate $1 sale. that's right, booya $1 dolla.

xo marysue

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

U S A !!!

In a nail biting game (22 shots were fired at the goal) USA pulled it off in the 93rd minute...literally...scoring the only goal of the game to BEAT ALGERIA!!!!!

woohoo!! you know what that means right?.......

Party in the FIP, i mean USA!

xo marysue

sexy time

this little treat came from refinery29 this morning straight into my inbox...i am loving that lingerie can come out to play this season. when i was in atlanta for holiday 2010 market, i found a little line called thatcher an amazing collection of shapewear/pretty underthings that not only, yes, shapes you, but is great for layering under those flirty summer dresses. you can easily transition these lingerie pieces above into fall by adding a gauzy tank and your favorite cashmere boyfriend sweater...mmmmm i want to cozy up by the fire already!

xo marysue

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

when boy's away..

..girl's mind will play! soo the other day i met quite a fascinating person, she owns two of the best boutiques i've ever stepped into. one of them housing the world's prettiest terrarium i think my eyes have ever seen. if you aren't familiar with thisultimateboutique, visit here and see for yourself.

as we were sipping coffee (for me) and tea (for her) we got to talking about food, "i'm a foodie" she says, "me too!" i exclaim. and so sparked a conversation about restaurants in kitty city, this city, that city, and ultimately leading to a super cute girl morgan who works for her. turns out she is an awesome baker and loves to experiment with different foods and sweet treats. we met and discussed what a fun idea it would be to collaborate her baking skills (mine may be lacking a little) and my...well, my eating skills maybe??

how fun would it be to sell goody yum yums out of this stellar vintage 1963 airstream?! what's that? you see my name on it?!

xo marysue

Monday, June 21, 2010

knock knock

who's there?

these beauties!

the last 48 hours have been a whirlwind, i kissed boy goodbye for yet another trip out of town, thank god it's the last for while, got these shoes, put them on my feet, squeezed my mother hello (weeee! she came for a visit), made a list of things to do for the weekend, hit the pavement running (in heels, no scissors here). between antique shopping, art making, pantry organizing, picture hanging, floorplan changing, furniture moving, and bathroom cloroxing, we managed to turn boy's original very cool pad into a fabulous home-y abode for him. did i mention this all happened in 2 days people?! with two women mind you, furniture lifting, stair climbing, 5 inch heel wearing women.

stay tuned for pics!

xo marysue

Friday, June 18, 2010


i know there have been a few kittehs on here...but i feel like there is no other way to enter the weekend than with this....


birds of a feather

today kitties, we are talking about one of the sickest fresh faced jewelry and handbag birds out there...speaking of biiiirrrds, her name is jenny bird. she's a canadian based jewelry pioneer. her line of handbags was first noticed at the beloved henri bendel in 2009 and from there, she has flown into the likes of intermix, shopbop, and holt renfrew - the oldest department store (did you know that?)! it's true. best of all, her items are fairly priced! goodbye lust and hellooo hurrygetonmywristrightnow LOVE!

jenny got her start from a long line of family seamstresses and has had over 10 years education in jewelry and pattern-making. in a word: she's awesome.

check out more of her stuff here! below is a sneak peak of what's in my shopping cart right now..

xo marysue

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

afternoon delight

hehe these kittehs are crazy

did i miss spring?

in the midst of moving, shuffling, touching everything i could in boy's new place i found myself surprisingly plopped on the couch watching this mornings world cup matches...and maybe i was reading Real Simple too..only during the commercials though, i promise!

i began taking a quiz to find out how i best organize and whether i am right brained or left brained. is it just me or do you always feel a little self conscious taking these kinds of quizzes, its like 'is one better than the other? what if i am the opposite of what i think i am? or worse yet, what if im neither?!' turns out, im both! boy is right...i do like to have my cake and eat it too, but really? i at least think its a good thing that both sides of my brain are actually working.

getting to the point, while moving all of boys stuff into the new abode and remembering all of the HGTV advice given (declutter declutter declutter!!) i got to closet, which currently looks similar to the photo above, needs a major makeover. shelving, weeding out, organizing, folding, hanging, heck decluttering!! with sweet mama kitty coming to town this weekend, i may just embark on the biggest quest ever...a closet cleanout! by the end of the weekend, my closet will look like THIS:

for an excellent turtorial to clean out your own closet, i found this post helpful.

stay tuned for an update on spring cleaning!
ps i have yet to focus and find the cord that links my camera to my computer, once i do, i will try to post real life pics! yippee!

xo marysue

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


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there is no i in team

some of the best collaborations are happening out there right now. Jeffrey Campbell, one of the hottest shoe lines out there is sprucing up their shoe boxes with Seattle based artist CMRTYZ, the guys behind the curtain are known largely for their rock show posters, prints, guerrilla art movements and incluence on the Seattle music scene. CMRTYZ have recently launched a small clothing collection (available at, and are currently touring with their summer project: Psychedelic Summer Pop-Up Record Shop.

OAK in nyc, one of my favorite shops, is also collaborating with CMRTYZ for an impromptu clothing line now available on the web here. when i was in nyc, i had the awesomeness to work with them for a short time and let me tell you, some of the coolest people i have met. for reals. you can read more about both collaborations here

other collaborations include the body jewelery designer bliss lau joining up with BB Dakota for handbags and wallets, incorporating her sick heavy duty chains and slashed leather for fall 2010. kate moss' new collection for topshop is sick.

finally, the BEST collaboration of all - sanrio x doc martens. these new old-school boots will be debuting late summer, with hello kitty's trademark bow to boot.

xox marysue

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

fly me to the moon

have you ever been in the airport and it's more crowded than usual? this morning, while navigating through what seemed like hundreds of people, thinking, 'did i remember shampoo? my razor? what am i wearing tomorrow? gosh my legs are tired..' a little fyi, after two and a half years of traveling almost every other weekend to see boy, i learned to pack quickly, concisely, and most importantly, by outfit. call me OCD but i try to pack so everything can be organized by outfit by day, which in the long run, helps a sister out when that dreaded "what do i wear today?" question pops up 10 minutes before you are supposed to be out the door. do i wish i lived my life like this everyday? planning outfits nightly and taking the guess work out of my morning routine? of course..but i don't. my skills only extend to packing,
future plans, weekend trips, impromptu nights out, etc. you get the idea.

ok, back to the airport, i'm walking, navigating, and getting somewhat sweaty, when we finally reach our gate, at the other end of the airport no less. my legs are hurting, bag is getting heavy, i'm complaining..not good. all i want is to sit. and what do i see? a mirage...empty chairs!! but wait, there's a catch, all of the chairs have luggage sitting in them (wait - is this like the part in that movie where the girl who's really hungry looks at her neighbor and their body turns into a dancing turkey?) whatthefreak?! now, if you have ever kindly asked anyone in the airport for a favor, you may quickly learn, like i did, that it's not the nicest place in the world. no my little pony, warm chocolate chip cookies, or hot tea here. people glare and act like they don't hear or see you...honestly?? i'm standing right over you asking for a seat, i'm tired, hot, hungry, WHINING at this point, and you look up and give me a blank stare like, "oh, i'm sorry, i was here first. eat it." ICK!!!!

thought i would share my thoughts with you guys - yes, i know we have all been that person, me included. i swear from this day forward to put my luggage on the floor and not in the seat beside me in order to save another kitty's leggies.

in other news i just landed in dallas! bisous to everyone!!

xo marysue

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

my first rodeo

hope you kittens had a nice long weekend!

i have big news...tomorrow i am heading to DALLAS for the first time ever. how fun is that going to be?!

once the work is out of the way - all day everyday basically - i will be able to relax and see my dear friend kells bells (no her real name is not kells bells, it's kelly, funny though!)..brief background on kelly - worked side by side in cubicle land in nyc 2 years ago, kelly moved to austin, i moved to kitty city 2 years the midst of all things terrifying, may it be a pending move, growing as an individual, a scary boss lady, or choosing what to order for lunch, she supported me through it all, and has been by my side spirit and strength wise ever since we met. she has been a rock in my life to say the least. and NOW for the first time in 2 years i will get to hug her neck on saturday afternoon!!! mahhhh so excited..

other than that i would really like to vintage shop and eat corn on the cob, wherever that may be...

any suggestions are appreciated!
yippeee - yeeeeeeeeee haww!!

xo marysue