Friday, May 28, 2010

pshh madebest is more like it!



is that possible? i'm going cross-eyed from being so excited that madewell is now out, here comes TROUBLE!!

thanks kelly!

xo marysue

Thursday, May 27, 2010

oh yeah and..

one more thing, i'm also on the waitlist for these little beauties which are coming straight from aussie land, i should add that my new blogging bff of fashion like herion has and looks beyond sick in them (she's behind the camera)...what is it about this time of year and shoes?? am i oblivious to the fact that it is always like this in my life? shoes arriving daily at my door from gilt, shopbop, solestruck, zappos...oh dear...i can't even keep up...

all i know is i had a may-jah closet overhaul last night, only to make room for more beautiful you think it's possible to one day have a closet that looks like this??


xo marysue

shut the front door

is it shut??

i'll say it one more time...SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!

obsessed with a new devilishly good looking shoe collection called Matiko. i'm telling you this whole blog thing is way more than it's cracked up to be. on solestruck's blog today, ty introduces us to a new brand they will be launching for fall. called matiko. also know as, howfastcanyougetinmyclosetorbetteryetonmyfeet. amazeness.

that's all kittens, go edumacate yourself on all things glorious at solestruck where they truly are ridding the world one pair of ugly shoes at a time.

xo marysue

Monday, May 24, 2010

manic monday!

alright, i have good news and bad news...

the bad news is...i didn't make the israeli breakfast i was planning on yesterday. the good news is - boy went to the farmers market while i was at work on saturday and bought flowers, fresh bread, and farm fresh eggs!!!! we fried them up together yesterday, left the yolks runny, and toasted some bread for a good old fashioned dunky toast breakfast! the best part is boy got a double yolk!! now, he looked at me yesterday like i was a loon who had just escaped the crazy bin, but let me assure you, this means good luck, and what better time to have luck than now?? i mean with the new place, moving, travel, the new sex and the city movie...what? he needs the luck to deal with me and my shrill exclamations after i see the movie, "those shoes! that hair! aiden!" needless to say i can't wait...

in other news...i think i may need these, the good news is they aren't available until June 22, the bad news is they aren't available until June 22...what's a girl to do?!

i should also introduce you to my bff liam. he, like me, is obsessed with shoes..enjoy!
these shoes rock!

xo marysue

Friday, May 21, 2010

i'm smitten

this weekend boy and i have no plans, except i am working tomorrow at scout & molly's, wehh, but will get over it because there have been so many new shipments coming in over the past week it will be like christmas in july er, umm may...

however, with no plans, my one plan is to make this for brunch on sunday. maybe we will have a couple of impromptu guests that will divulge in this israeli breakfast of poached eggs in a spicy tomato sauce with us. the recipe caught my eye on blog favorite smittenkitchen and instantly my mouth began to water...with some fat slices of buttered texas toast to sop up all of the tomato goodness at the bottom of the bowl and the runny egg yolks, a little fresh squeezed OJ, and some much needed catch up time with our lovely dvr, i don't know how our sunday could be any better.

enjoy your weekend!
xo marysue

Thursday, May 20, 2010

does this bow make my butt look big?

you know - from what i can tell, the big apple a.k.a. bright lights big city is strongly influenced by a ton sweet southern charm.

example #1 the supermom, and my current obsession, Courtney Novogratz from Bravo's 9 by Design, she's got 7 kiddies, runs her own business alongside her husband of 15 years and manages it all while remaining stunningly beautiful and under control. not only am i drooling over the amazing renovations that the couple completes to transform some of manhattan's most dilapidated properties, but i also like the down-to-earth parenting that keeps their kids (with names like wolfie, breaker and five) relatively grounded while living in a $25 million museum-worthy property. perhaps it's a nod to their southern roots--courtney is from georgia and her husband, robert, grew up in virginia--that the couple is able to put family first and maintain such a laissez faire attitude in the midst of a bustling nyc.

example #2 also comes to you from Virginia - Jules Reid is not only a newcomer on the fashion scene, designing poppy prints with vibrant color schemes, but she is also a mom to a daughter and 3 little boys, wife, and lived a past life as a stock broker in nyc. making life work between virgina and ny may be tough, but this cookie knows how to do it right. see more of her fashions:

example #3 a young Mississippian named Willie Morris hops a Greyhound bus bound for New York City in 1963. In short order, he goes on to become the youngest editor in chief ever to preside over Harper’s magazine, a star of Manhattan’s literary scene, and close personal friends with the likes of William Styron and Frank Sinatra.

and finally example #4 Andre Leon Talley. he moved from durham, nc and rode the passion for fashion train all the way to vogue, that's right, VOGUE - he was once the editor-at-large for the world's fashion bible, and his humble beginnings began, right here in the state of kitty.

...hard to believe huh? of course there are countless other influences in nyc that have been inspired by southerners but i'm still wondering if the mess over the mason dixon line and the fight between the north and south, yankee vs confederate, wall streeter vs. farmer was not about what i learned in history class but really only about who had the better outfits and accessories?

xo marysue

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

rain, rain go away

Hotham Jewels. this is a dreamers store. the gems found here are all sorts of amazing, there are big baubles, little baubles, long chains, and chokers. rings galore and service to boot! sometimes, on rainy days all i want to do is sit on the floor in my room and lay out all of my jewels, real or faux, and put everything on. rings on every finger, bracelets up to and sometimes past my elbows, necklaces layered, and hair bows stacked one behind the other. have i done this recently? hasn't been raining people! but this past week, i should have had the forethought to check the weather, take a day off, and play like i was 8 and in my mom's to-die-for jewelry closet.

another thing i like to do on rainy days is think about where i would be if i could wake up anywhere. boy sent me a link to a sandy beach somewhere off in the Caribbean, but i think this is more suiting, especially if he is joining me on a dreamy adventure (since he is irish, the sun is not necessarily his bff). sometimes it's in far away places, like egypt or paris, but to be honest, most times it's some place sunny, hot, sandy, clear blue water, adult beverages, no responsibility...i could go on, but i'm getting sleepy just thinking about waking up with a warm breeze rolling across my face, glaze-y eyes from such a deep night's sleep, and feeling that slight sticky-ness from sleeping just under the sheet...ahhhh sigh...

xo marysue

Friday, May 14, 2010

last night i attended a benefit for the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte. the organization is building its very own location here in the heart of kitty city in order to provide a "home away from home" for families of seriously ill or injured children who travel here to our local medical facilities.

i must admit - i knew little about this charity before last night, and the stories i heard last night were heart wrenching. these women we heard speak had the strength of a medieval warrior mixed with the passion of glenda the good witch.

the fundraiser hosted a fashion show featuring "model moms" who have used a Ronald McDonald House in the past and were there to share their experiences with over 300 women. the sense of community built within these houses was overpowering - relationships built while doing laundry or cooking dinner were what was most important to these families, the sense that there were other families there who were going through similar situations provided some comfort at the end of the day.

the fashion show itself, put on by a little birdie named Melissa Lamkin, was awesome! local boutiques came together and donated clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories for the "model moms" along with other models cast from Wilhelmina Evolution. looks that stuck in my mind after the event had ended ran the gamut, everything from the cream Milly dress with gold jewels on the neckline and a plunging back, to the Alice & Trixie maxi dress in a bold purple, pink, yellow, navy aztec print, and then back to the jaw dropping cobalt blue sweetheart strapless party dress. it looked like the skinnie minnie had literally jumped off of a diving board into a huge cupcake - my favorite kind of dress...

all in all i would say it was a successful night, mini crabcakes, vodkas with lime, soda pop tabs for drink tickets, and the support given to a great cause in charlotte - what more could you ask for in a thursday night benefit?

xo marysue

Thursday, May 13, 2010

obsessed, me? nahh

lately, all i can think about are flimsy summer sandals with thin little straps hugging my foot begging to play in the grass and feel the warm sunshine. my toes have taken a brief hiatus from nail polish in order to breathe the newness spring ushers in with every rainstorm or new flower blooming. my boots and booties(uggs included), oxfords, and closed toe stilettos have temporarily shimmied off to the back of my shoe stack to hibernate until fall comes again while my sandals, opened toe heels, wedges, and flippies have all magically lined up row by row eager for me to slip my foot in them as the "chosen one" for the day. obsessed? nahhh, well, maybe a little...i can't help it. they are all so pretty and just looking at me, as if to say, "wear me!! i would look great with that tucker cami you have on right now!" or "look at my cushy insoles, wouldn't your pups love to take a break after wearing those 5-inchers yesterday??"

yes people, my shoes talk. excessively. they don't stop.

the dictionary defines obsession as: To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic

in this instance, shoes are my obsession. i can't help but stopping to gawk at the newest colors, styles, or heel heights at every corner's turn. whether it's through my computer screen, car window (sorry ms. blue saab for almost rear ending you, it was mr. louboutin that made me lose focus!) or store front, i just can't seem to get enough. in fact, if i was only allowed to buy one thing for the rest of my life - besides things for my honey - i think i would buy shoes. i take that back, i KNOW i would buy shoes

what can i say? i get it from my mama.

the latest addition to my growing summer collection is above...grrr gilt groupe! why do you have the best sales and always stock my size?!

xo marysue

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

april flowers bring may...showers!

hello there!!

long time no blog...since i've last posted, i have been to new york and back for work, seen every collection possible for fall and holiday 2010, debuted several new collections to buyers nationwide, mainly BB Dakota for holiday 2010, and also divulged in a lot of play time with old friends! i'll tell you all about that trip tomorrow, but today, i am in the middle of what feels like a monsoon.

that old saying "april flowers bring may showers" has to be true, i woke up this morning to dark clouds staring me in the face, drove to work with them looming behind me, and finally as soon as i stepped in the office (someone has their eye on me upstairs) it down poured...i mean, crazy side blowing rain, the perfect kind for sleeping or catching up on a long list of shows stocked on dvr, but not today folks, boy is traveling (mesosad) and i am here working the meantime, this is what i am wearing today!! i love bean boots and can never break them in enough, the skinny slouch jeans are perfect for a relaxed feel but still look put together with a burnout tee and of-the-moment army jacket, and no, i didn't bring in an umbrella or wear a raincoat...only the shoes...what? they are the most important, right?

if it's raining where you are - what are you wearing?!