Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hot diggity

question for you: when you think of july, what do you think of?

do you think of sweltering heat? cool swimming pools? flowy dresses and flat sandals? no make up and the smell of suntan lotion? cookouts and cold beers with friends?

well, when i think of july, i think of hot dogs. lots of hot dogs. it's fair to say that this july i have not yet had my fill of hot dogs (i have 4 days left as of right now) but every chance i have had to have one, i indulge. i thought this would be the perfect time to fill you in on a little shack, literally, called Brooks. in one word- hotdogheaven. the hot dogs here are just right, soft to bite into, small enough to get a full bite, flavorful, and a $buck.80!


hot dawg from brooks

one of the many rivals to brooks is the penguin. commonly called The Bird, the penguin has been around longer than baby jebus. boy and i have had one, albeit a great one, experience here. there were tall boys involved, lots of fried bits, and of course hot dogs. the winky dink dog (one of the most popular) has pimento cheese along with other accouterments...this dog was good - it was big, hard to get everything in one bite, and fell through the bottom of the bun, tear :'(

the penguin

hot dawg from penguin

in conclusion, for my next life challenge, it will be a road trip with my partner in crime to west virginia...to find the face behind this creation.

one last question for you (or maybe 2):
when was your last hot dog? and what was your favorite?

xo marysue


  1. I haven't had one hot dog yet this summer! I need to get on it, those looke so delicious!


  2. You forgot about trolly stop! Followed up by a trip to see ken at olivers!!!!! Betcha can't guess who this is!