Thursday, September 16, 2010

131 main

so the other night boy and i ordered in from 131 main. this place has been around for some time just off of east boulevard but somehow i had managed to never go. well, technically i haven't been yet but i have finally eaten from there, and let me tell you...Y U M !

131 MAIN
boy had the french dip with shoe string french fries- always a boyle staple, and i had the veggie burger fully loaded (lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayo, mustard)which was made with black beans, some quinoa, beets, and other veggies. it was mmm mmm good! the char roasted artichokes we had weren't so bad either. next time, i want to go in, sit at the bar or a cozy booth and have a big glass of wine...and maybe repeat the same meal or branch out and try the crabby cake salad!!

if you are in kitty city anytime soon, this is a definite try, enjoy!

xo marysue

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