Tuesday, November 2, 2010

new beginnings

tonight, i logged onto our new big mac computer and started to type in "kitty..." when goestocharlotte.blogspot.com didn't come up, i felt sad. i haven't played with you kitties in so long it feels like, and i'm sorry.  while i haven't blogged in quite some time, i plan to find some kind of routine in the future...like tomorrow.

since we last met, i have taken a new job, made new (ok some) friends, and served myself a heaping teaspoon of new shoes (please see picture)

whoa, speaking of logging onto the new big mac, how easy is it to write now?! just click the picture and drag...wowza, where have i been with my lame old PC from college?? coming on board as the new buyer, i have re-aquainted my heart with a whole slew of exciting things. every day something is happening...whether it's looking at my finger where my dream wedding bands will sit one day (shhh boy may or may not know yet), trying on favorite new items that come into the store, or getting used to the day to day antics, i have been more enthusiastic about waking up, dressing myself, and heading into work every day.

imagine givenchy spread out across the back floor, alaia skirts thrown on the rack, tucker dresses waiting to be steamed, and yves saint laurent shoes being unwrapped...chloe silk and chiffon wisping about in the air, custom gowns coming in droves in boxes bigger than what my closet from nyc came in (and that's pretty big) and that's not even half of it...sometimes i feel sick to my stomach to see things come and go so fast, i feel like i don't even have a moment to appreciate how pretty it is. this is where i work, this is my new home..and i like it! how cool is that couch? and yes that's a living wall in the mirror (one that was just scouted by a well known magazine for an article (more on that later) and while it seems minimalistic yet chic with the white washed faux rug and modular sofa, this place is one of the most luxurious spaces i have stepped foot in.

if you are in charlotte, come see us at poole shop!

xo marysue

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