Thursday, July 22, 2010

wish in one hand

"again with the shoes?!" you must be saying...and the answer is yes. more shoes. only these fall into a totally different category which is, the boot.

when i think of the perfect over the knee boot (which if you haven't bought yet for fall, you must) i think of my old roommates rustic "oh i found them somewhere in italy years ago" black leather, over the knee boots. i had the guilty pleasure of being about to borrow these whenever i liked - perks to sharing shoe sizes. i became obsessed, wore them every day, even fell asleep in them one time, possibly due to being over-served, but loved them, accepted them, even tried to trade for them, but nothing worked. these were her babies, not mine..

until i found joseph...of course at an obscene cost, which i will not be purchasing, gulp, unless the gods above decide boy and i should win the scratch off ticket contest in the near future.

these boots are the epitome of chic, rounded toe, clearly over the knee, exposed burnished silver zip, and tight fitting to the leg - there's nothing more annoying than slouchy over the knee boots, what's the point? one look at these on lustful net-a-porter and i was a goner...falling to the floor, convulsing, foaming at the mouth, zooming to see the fibers of suede, and then in virtual window shopping fashion, slipping my feet into them and zipping them up, over sheer tights with hearts on them and a soft cashmere tunic or a belted stolen oxford from boy's closet....

xo marysue

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