Friday, July 23, 2010

eat up chickens

restaurant week has been going down in the queen city this past week and will end this sunday.

last night boy and i wined and dined with pretty girl and her hubster at this cozy mountain lodge-ish place, Noble's. we all agreed it was the place to come back to in november when it was chilly outside so we could enjoy the burning embers in the bar's fireplace and take in the woodsy smell when you walk in the door.

Noble's Restaurant, Charlotte, NC

i've always wanted to try this place and thought restaurant week would be the perfect time to try. after getting a hard time from the old school bartender about my age, "yes i'm over 21...yes i'm sure...may i please have a tequila?" (yes i enjoy a stiff drink, don't judge me!) he eyeballed me, while boy eyeballed him, then proceeded to give a pretty hefty pour to each of us, bourbon for boy, patron for me. pretty girl and hubster got there, they had cocktails, and we sat, an hour after our initial reservation - plus for Noble's - flexibility, me likey.

service was relaxed, they took their time making sure to be synced as they placed each dish on the table, wine was fabulous (plus), food delish (plus plus)- there was snapper, flounder, and lamb on the table plus lots of bread, meats and cheeses, and desert...YUM (super plus).

definitely a place to go back to, great for date night or a casual dinner at the bar. needless to say, we closed the place down - and this morning boy and i went for a run, i was a little under the weather...what's the saying? one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR?

yeah people...TGIF!

xo marysue

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