Friday, July 16, 2010


after playing in this fun and shabby chic store yesterday afternoon, boy and i had a short social visit with his cousin and then popped it in neutral. with 9 hours (can you believe?) of rest under my belt, i was wide awake when my phone started buzzing this morning, as i scroll through the emails already darting in from every angle of cyberspace i see, work work work, shopbop, gilt groupe, daily candy, work work work, fedex, work, wait...did i see FEDEX?!?!?! it's true, gaga has officially been delivered. get ready charlotte, gaga is taking the place by storm and her concert isn't for another 2 months

in other news, this afternoon boy and i are headed down to hilton head for the weekend, unlike the july 4th weekend, this one will be action packed - for one, there is a birthday, for two the entire clan will be in attendance - mom, dad, sister, sister's husband, brother, brother's girlfriend, and oh yeah, no big deal, but we are all going to get to meet boy's brother's girlfriend's family! did you follow all of that? and did i mention they flew in from germany and cali?! if there is one thing i am looking forward to it is working the lines of communication, hand signals, body movements, and head nodding...this should be filmed for abroad students: how to communicate when first landing in a foreign place

will fill you in on monday - enjoy your weekend!

xo marysue

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