Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the boat is turning

some people wish to see the wall of china...i wish to wake up and see a wall of shoes.

so, within the past 6 months there have been multiple to charlotte, uptown charlotte to southend charlotte, and now southend charlotte to, well, southend charlotte..while boy has officially nested in his new abode, i felt it was time for a, the other day, i asked landlord betty (no that's not her name, but fun huh?) if there were any other spaces available. she said, "well, sure! take yer pick." so i picked a quaint, cozy, little studio right down the hall. with a great cutout above the bed looking over into the kitchen/living area, it is perfect for perching at any time, whether it's by me, boy, kitty, or the overflow of guests we often find ourselves entertaining and mostly overserving...oopsiee

anyway, way too cool big brother is going to make me a wall of shoes modeled after the one above, which ps, i gasped when i saw this post on 5 inch and up's blog...for the love! with all of the travel coming up for me and boy, he volunteered and i gladly accepted!!

in other news, boy and i are going to see counting crows tonight, yippeee! the festivities will start at 6pm sharp, first heading to a slushie bar (YUM) then over to see the dread locked crows, what more could you ask for on a wednesday night in summer?!

xo marysue

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  1. suey! at first glance, I thought those were YOUR shoes ...I would've believed it had it been true:)