Thursday, July 8, 2010

wishful thinking

shape shiftr top, f21 headband, jeffrey campbell back off boot

well, kinda...not that i am in the south it's the most bizarre thing to see fall goodies start coming into stores. when i was in nyc, it didn't seem to phase me, in fact, i was probably that girl buying the cashmere sweater fresh out of the box when it was 104 degree outside in july. i admit it. im an addict, what more do you want from me?!

on my favorite almostasgoodasinstantgratification shoe site solestruck i found these beauties in the 'what's new' section. while i am still making kitty perch next to the door in case the ups man comes earlier than expected with the pre-ordered senso moneys, i am having to bite my lip and make myself think twice about these boots. 'it's june for pete's sake!' i tell myself, 'it's 100 degrees out there, a jungle, you'll melt if you wear anything but sandals and barely there dresses'

these boots are almost as delicious as the acne oxfords i lusted after this last season, while the acne shoes are now sold out, i may have to devour these sooner rather than later...and wear them with the shape shiftr shirt and my leather leggings...and top it off with this STEAL of a headband from f21! only a dolla fifty...that's like, well, $free.99

love it!

xo marysue

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