Thursday, July 15, 2010

mr jones

last night we went to woodstock, no bonaroo, no SXSW, no wait...we went to the music factory in charlotte to see counting crows! it was so fun, we went barefoot, laid out a blanket, drank tall boys, and swayed to the music.

we sat behind a very entertaining group who had decided to bring face paint, you know the kind that comes in little pots all connected? well, god only knows what pills they were popping or they were drinking (something clearly stronger than our call-a-cabs from wet willies) because these flower children were swaying to the music and drawing on each other like little kitties, and it looked something like this..

and THEN blondie came over and asked if i was ready for my body art, sure! i said, why not?

little did i know, this morning after i woke up and had scrubbed in the shower, the evidence was still there..hopefully the girls took the day off from work today, otherwise the face paint would be pretty telling of what their night looked like.

xo marysue

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