Monday, July 19, 2010

lip smacking fun

over the weekend we met the family of this food blogger. once past the meet and greets we sat down for a big home style birthday meal at EAT! in hilton head sc. there were food and drinks galore, lots of conversation, and fun facts learned. although a little overwhelmed at first, i found out there a many things that cross over between the german/korean culture and the american culture.
  1. everyone loves a big hug hello and goodnight
  2. fashion is universal, whether it's a pretty floral frock or turquoise blouse
  3. cornhole is the BEST family game to play (while drinking of course)
  4. where there's food, there's family
between the delish mashed watermelon vodka drinks (recipe coming soon), green bean salad, bbq chicken, and crepe breakfasts there was lots of conversation, which included hand motions and some translation, as well as loud laughter and running about in the neighborhood...but best of all there was lots of LOVE!

to read more about the weekend, and see all of the food that was digested, hop on over to juliesmeltingpot

xo marysue

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