Wednesday, July 7, 2010

rainbow bright

remember this little gem of a character?? she was always so fun and colorful - always ready to brighten anyone's day, i loved how well she seemed to get along with my little pony and later on, the happy family known as barbie, ken, and kelly. jogging my memory of rainbow bright, was this delicious looking cake below i found while catching up on my blog reading...

Amanda, author of i am baker, is constantly infusing her crafty baking skills into fun shapes, artistic cookie icing drawings, and in this case, a rainbow bright cake! one look at this little yummy monster and i am sold, questions start racing through my head..'when can i make this? if i make it, i need to make sure to have people around so i don't chow down the entire thing..better yet, is this a way to get boy to eat his fruits?!'

with all of the farmers markets going on in town i think there would be no better time to purchase everything necessary for this refreshing fruit filled cake smothered in whipped cream this weekend and practice next week.

will keep you posted!!

xo marysue

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  1. Thank you!! What amazingly kind words!!!

    Be blessed-