Tuesday, June 22, 2010

when boy's away..

..girl's mind will play! soo the other day i met quite a fascinating person, she owns two of the best boutiques i've ever stepped into. one of them housing the world's prettiest terrarium i think my eyes have ever seen. if you aren't familiar with thisultimateboutique, visit here and see for yourself.

as we were sipping coffee (for me) and tea (for her) we got to talking about food, "i'm a foodie" she says, "me too!" i exclaim. and so sparked a conversation about restaurants in kitty city, this city, that city, and ultimately leading to a super cute girl morgan who works for her. turns out she is an awesome baker and loves to experiment with different foods and sweet treats. we met and discussed what a fun idea it would be to collaborate her baking skills (mine may be lacking a little) and my...well, my eating skills maybe??

how fun would it be to sell goody yum yums out of this stellar vintage 1963 airstream?! what's that? you see my name on it?!

xo marysue

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