Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hai kitteh

if you haven't signed up for this daily email, you should. cat lover, dog lover, celeb fanatic, look-alike seeker, anything - it will make your day, everyday. i promise, if it doesn't, call me and i will read them to you in the funny voice i have made up for reading it in my head (kind of a high pitch fast talk)...try it!!! who knwos, u may become zo obsessed wit eet u start typing liek it

otherwise, i am recuperating from last night - boy and i went out for a little business dinner, hosting first for cocktails at his new pad then out walking around until we found something we liked.

Bonterra was calling our name, for the second time in a week, boy and i are clearly loving discovering the new hood and food. set in one of dilworth's oldest churches, this romantic, table-clothed, 400 bottle boasting wine list, underground cellar designated for private parties of 10 or less, was nothing short of stuffy, until we walked in...both times the service was great, drinks were stiff, and food was fab.

i think that's the best thing about going to these places, with good food, good company, and good attitudes, you can't go wrong!! if you live in kitty city, you should for sure put this on the list to try, maybe for an anniversary, birthday, or tuesday night dinner.

xo marysue

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