Monday, June 21, 2010

knock knock

who's there?

these beauties!

the last 48 hours have been a whirlwind, i kissed boy goodbye for yet another trip out of town, thank god it's the last for while, got these shoes, put them on my feet, squeezed my mother hello (weeee! she came for a visit), made a list of things to do for the weekend, hit the pavement running (in heels, no scissors here). between antique shopping, art making, pantry organizing, picture hanging, floorplan changing, furniture moving, and bathroom cloroxing, we managed to turn boy's original very cool pad into a fabulous home-y abode for him. did i mention this all happened in 2 days people?! with two women mind you, furniture lifting, stair climbing, 5 inch heel wearing women.

stay tuned for pics!

xo marysue


  1. MS, I love these shoes!!!! How can I get my hands on a pair of these???

  2. i got mine at need supply! online - they are awesome, lots of fun stuff, and the best part is these are COMFORTABLE!!! like walking on air :)

  3. Sold out in my size :( of course...