Wednesday, June 2, 2010

fly me to the moon

have you ever been in the airport and it's more crowded than usual? this morning, while navigating through what seemed like hundreds of people, thinking, 'did i remember shampoo? my razor? what am i wearing tomorrow? gosh my legs are tired..' a little fyi, after two and a half years of traveling almost every other weekend to see boy, i learned to pack quickly, concisely, and most importantly, by outfit. call me OCD but i try to pack so everything can be organized by outfit by day, which in the long run, helps a sister out when that dreaded "what do i wear today?" question pops up 10 minutes before you are supposed to be out the door. do i wish i lived my life like this everyday? planning outfits nightly and taking the guess work out of my morning routine? of course..but i don't. my skills only extend to packing,
future plans, weekend trips, impromptu nights out, etc. you get the idea.

ok, back to the airport, i'm walking, navigating, and getting somewhat sweaty, when we finally reach our gate, at the other end of the airport no less. my legs are hurting, bag is getting heavy, i'm complaining..not good. all i want is to sit. and what do i see? a mirage...empty chairs!! but wait, there's a catch, all of the chairs have luggage sitting in them (wait - is this like the part in that movie where the girl who's really hungry looks at her neighbor and their body turns into a dancing turkey?) whatthefreak?! now, if you have ever kindly asked anyone in the airport for a favor, you may quickly learn, like i did, that it's not the nicest place in the world. no my little pony, warm chocolate chip cookies, or hot tea here. people glare and act like they don't hear or see you...honestly?? i'm standing right over you asking for a seat, i'm tired, hot, hungry, WHINING at this point, and you look up and give me a blank stare like, "oh, i'm sorry, i was here first. eat it." ICK!!!!

thought i would share my thoughts with you guys - yes, i know we have all been that person, me included. i swear from this day forward to put my luggage on the floor and not in the seat beside me in order to save another kitty's leggies.

in other news i just landed in dallas! bisous to everyone!!

xo marysue

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