Tuesday, June 29, 2010

voila! inspiration

with the unstoppable heat outside (i kinda like it, if only there were a kiddie pool outside my office) i can't help but feel a little lethargic. i don't know if it's the upcoming holiday (i'm already on the beach in my mind)or the relaxed atmosphere of july in the fashion world. kitties, when i say nothing is doing this month, believe me, nothing is doing!!

so in search of some kind of inspiration...since this week is full of nightly activities, dinner parties, and entertaining in boy's new abode, i've decided to try a few new recipes...this yummy sounding, appropriately named, wing recipe from juliesmeltingpot sounds right up boy and company's alley for upcoming world cup games, where this light delight drink recipe, courtesy of mama sue, below sounds fantastic for an evening on the porch with friends.

  • a pitcher
  • some limes - i'd say 2-3 sliced and put in the bottom of the pitcher
  • a few mint leaves
  • thick cucumber slices - or a handful of thinly sliced ones - i use about 6 or 7 slices
  • a little sugar - maybe a tablespoon or so, enough to get some juices from the above ingredients flowing
  • Vodka - boy prefers kettle one, i prefer anything clear and in the freezer
  • soda water -optional

what you're gonna do, is put all of the ingredients except for the vodka and soda water in the pitcher, then take a wooden spoon and think of that pesky co-worker that annoys you, and start smashing.

really go for it! this is therapy people..get it all out!

once you have a good amount of juice in the bottom of the pitcher, add your vodka, stir, pour over ice with a splash of soda for a little fizz, and serve with a fresh cucumber or mint leaf and enjoy!

xo marysue

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout MS!! That drink sounds so delicious and refreshing!! Kind of reminds me of that drink from Warren 77!! I'll have to try it!!