Thursday, April 29, 2010


today's obsession is inspired by the wiiiiild west. i have been feeling very annie oakley mixed with laura ingalls wilder thrown in with scarlett o'hara and finished off with a dash of Dr. quinn medicine woman.

fringe, rugged boots, slouchy but still tailored trousers, blouse-y tops, and floral tunics...this post from is making my knees weak with their new shipment of golden goose boots (yes that's right, the ultimate handmade, straight-out-of-the-italian-cobbler's-hands-to-your-door-fit)and luxe fringe shoulder satchels...i'm dying!! the only thing that would make the online shopping experience better is to invent smell-o-screen. why is it so hard to have a little scratch and sniff square on your screen so you are able to literally smell the coast of italy as the boots leave the dock to come stateside? or the hide of the nice little calf who gifted you the bag with long strands of fringe? or better yet...the crunchy peanut butter bars with a richly melted milk chocolate and caramel glaze you are reading about on i guess the saying is can't always get what you want :( big. fat. tear. wehhhhhhhhh!

xo marysue

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