Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ohmm, ahhh, ouch!

don't you always wish you could have an outer body experience?
if you could, what would it be? some may say their wedding day, birth of a child, or when winning the lottery....well, i say, when i'm getting a facial!!! there is no better time to literally leave your body and oversee everything that woman is doing. don't you think that would be neat? or is that just, ok - i get it...kinda gross.

a facial is quite the experience. you love it one minute, ahh the mask feels so good being painted on my cheeks, and hate it the next, ouch lady! could you remember to not jab your nails in the side of my nose?? but overall there is nothing better than sitting up on the table and seeing a whole new you in the mirror..face glowing, fully hydrated, zero little black dots, well ok maybe a couple of red spots remaining from the turkish zit killer.

all in all i will be going back to be poked and prodded by the famous facialist in kitty city, because really..what better way is there to be pampered on a tuesday night?

tonight is celebration station with boy - he is taking me to a local 'farm to fork' eatery in the city, supposed to be delish with daily produce pouring in the door asking to be made into delightful dishes...will keep you posted!

xo marysue

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