Monday, April 26, 2010

the house hunt has ended...

while i did love going to see all of the properties boy was considering when making his monumental decision to purchase a place, it is nice to finally say...HE FOUND ONE!

this beautiful cedar shake structure is now what he will call home. sigh...all grown up! making waves in the adult world of buying a place and building equity! (he's so smahhht)

to celebrate on friday i surprised him with a bottle of our favorite bubble and strawberries - only fitting for the amazing weather, and me skipping out on work early!

while boy had a lot left on his plate to wrap up the week, he gave in for a little champers (ok, maybe the whole bottle) and berries on the porch. after the afternoon drinking made its appearance, it was hard to say goodbye, at least for the moment, he finished his work, and then off we went to a local pub, tavern on the tracks to continue drinks, have some good eats, and usher in a relaxing weekend...

xo, marysue

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