Monday, April 26, 2010

farm to fork

ok all of you...if you haven't been yet - you must try kitty city's local 'farm to fork' restaurant Ratcliffe on the Green! set in what used to be an old time-y flower shop,(to read more about the history, this eatery focuses on surrounding area farmers and fresh food for all tastebuds: they have veggies, meats, pastas, seafoods...all made/grown/harvested locally. YUM! boy and i sat in the restaurant's fishbowl table (pictured), windows all around us at the front of the place - (great for people watching) and enjoyed conversation, cocktails, and good eats.

if you find yourself strolling the downtown streets, near sayyyy 435 south tryon st, i would pop in and for sure order the following...

cocktail of choice to start
glass of champagne! (what better way to celebrate than with bubbles??)
bottle of delicious wine
french onion soup - one of boy's favorites
mussels with toasted points
prime rib with fresh brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes
sides of: wilted spinach and Gruyere mac n' cheese
AND to top it all off....
CREME BRULEE - this was our least favorite of the glutenous meal but we had to have something sweet right?

can't you see yourself and your sweetie/family/mom/bestie cozy in the front window enjoying an evening of amazing-ness?!

xo, marysue

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