Friday, April 16, 2010

i'm breezy!

anyone think this is the most whimsical happy place to be on a sunday afternoon, rain or shine, after too big of a brunch?
for those out there with any decorating instincts, i am about to join you!! boy is looking to buy a permanent place here in kitty city (so exciting, i know!)
and we have decided to take our time decorating...but i cant help but look everywhere i can, every antique store, website, furniture superstore, catalog, everywhere! "leave no stone unturned!" an old boss once told me and so i intend to leave literally no stone unturned. any advice is welcome! boy and i are looking forward to decorating a cozy little place for him to settle in, i must admit, i think i am a leeeetttle more excited than he is though....

any input is greatly appreciated from you design lovers!

xo marysue

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