Tuesday, April 13, 2010

fashion tuesday review


hello again friend..i have missed writing for the past couple of weeks but am ready to get back to it. a lot has happened since i last lusted over the neon yellow stripe down the back of the chain crossed shoe...one week ago i was in Augusta to support a great friend of mine Stacey Haskins. she has headed up her very own non-profit since 2006 in honor of her niece Bowen who was born with a special heart. to read more about Bowen and Stacey's story please visit http://www.heartandsoleinc.org/common/content.asp?PAGE=340

so, stacey had a full house of maybe 100 ladies-who-lunch gather in the Sacred Heart Cultural Center (above) all decked in Milly. Michelle Smith, owner and designer of Milly, attended to support Stacey as well as contribute her designs for an amazing fashion show post lunch. Now, that's what i call a wonderful tuesday, am i right?!

Here i am in Tucker by Gaby Basora(not in Milly, clearly i missed the memo??) with the owner of Village (left), one of the best boutiques this side of the mason dixon line.
side note - stacey is the buyer for Village which is how we met and became besties 3+ years ago...

Stacey (right), with Susan Steiner, buyer for boutique VanJean in SC, both in Milly.

while the ladies lunched, i was delegated to the back of the venue to help prep, dress, and coach the models on hand before the fashion show. champagne was flowing to keep nerves to a minimum and cheeks flushed pink, zippers zipped, buttons buttoned, blouses tucked, hair sprayed...they headed out one by one to a hip hop mixture of oldies and newbies. more pictures to come!!

after the brief few hour stint in augusta, it was time to head the final two hours to atlanta for the fall '10 trade show.
sell! sell! sell! were the words of the week as we hustled in account after account across the southeast to see the latest fall collections from the likes of BB Dakota, Jack by BB Dakota, Anoname denim (my new favorite), and Idylle tees. sighhh, fashion - always moving so fast...i love it!!

view from JCT Kitchen in Atlanta...where i had dinner with these girls!

That's right, i have a huge flower on my head...i love head gear! have i mentioned that before?? i'll have to tell you alllll about that sometime..

xo marysue

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