Wednesday, May 19, 2010

rain, rain go away

Hotham Jewels. this is a dreamers store. the gems found here are all sorts of amazing, there are big baubles, little baubles, long chains, and chokers. rings galore and service to boot! sometimes, on rainy days all i want to do is sit on the floor in my room and lay out all of my jewels, real or faux, and put everything on. rings on every finger, bracelets up to and sometimes past my elbows, necklaces layered, and hair bows stacked one behind the other. have i done this recently? hasn't been raining people! but this past week, i should have had the forethought to check the weather, take a day off, and play like i was 8 and in my mom's to-die-for jewelry closet.

another thing i like to do on rainy days is think about where i would be if i could wake up anywhere. boy sent me a link to a sandy beach somewhere off in the Caribbean, but i think this is more suiting, especially if he is joining me on a dreamy adventure (since he is irish, the sun is not necessarily his bff). sometimes it's in far away places, like egypt or paris, but to be honest, most times it's some place sunny, hot, sandy, clear blue water, adult beverages, no responsibility...i could go on, but i'm getting sleepy just thinking about waking up with a warm breeze rolling across my face, glaze-y eyes from such a deep night's sleep, and feeling that slight sticky-ness from sleeping just under the sheet...ahhhh sigh...

xo marysue

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