Tuesday, May 11, 2010

april flowers bring may...showers!

hello there!!

long time no blog...since i've last posted, i have been to new york and back for work, seen every collection possible for fall and holiday 2010, debuted several new collections to buyers nationwide, mainly BB Dakota for holiday 2010, and also divulged in a lot of play time with old friends! i'll tell you all about that trip tomorrow, but today, i am in the middle of what feels like a monsoon.

that old saying "april flowers bring may showers" has to be true, i woke up this morning to dark clouds staring me in the face, drove to work with them looming behind me, and finally as soon as i stepped in the office (someone has their eye on me upstairs) it down poured...i mean, crazy side blowing rain, the perfect kind for sleeping or catching up on a long list of shows stocked on dvr, but not today folks, boy is traveling (mesosad) and i am here working away...in the meantime, this is what i am wearing today!! i love bean boots and can never break them in enough, the skinny slouch jeans are perfect for a relaxed feel but still look put together with a burnout tee and of-the-moment army jacket, and no, i didn't bring in an umbrella or wear a raincoat...only the shoes...what? they are the most important, right?

if it's raining where you are - what are you wearing?!

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