Thursday, May 13, 2010

obsessed, me? nahh

lately, all i can think about are flimsy summer sandals with thin little straps hugging my foot begging to play in the grass and feel the warm sunshine. my toes have taken a brief hiatus from nail polish in order to breathe the newness spring ushers in with every rainstorm or new flower blooming. my boots and booties(uggs included), oxfords, and closed toe stilettos have temporarily shimmied off to the back of my shoe stack to hibernate until fall comes again while my sandals, opened toe heels, wedges, and flippies have all magically lined up row by row eager for me to slip my foot in them as the "chosen one" for the day. obsessed? nahhh, well, maybe a little...i can't help it. they are all so pretty and just looking at me, as if to say, "wear me!! i would look great with that tucker cami you have on right now!" or "look at my cushy insoles, wouldn't your pups love to take a break after wearing those 5-inchers yesterday??"

yes people, my shoes talk. excessively. they don't stop.

the dictionary defines obsession as: To have the mind excessively preoccupied with a single emotion or topic

in this instance, shoes are my obsession. i can't help but stopping to gawk at the newest colors, styles, or heel heights at every corner's turn. whether it's through my computer screen, car window (sorry ms. blue saab for almost rear ending you, it was mr. louboutin that made me lose focus!) or store front, i just can't seem to get enough. in fact, if i was only allowed to buy one thing for the rest of my life - besides things for my honey - i think i would buy shoes. i take that back, i KNOW i would buy shoes

what can i say? i get it from my mama.

the latest addition to my growing summer collection is above...grrr gilt groupe! why do you have the best sales and always stock my size?!

xo marysue

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