Monday, May 24, 2010

manic monday!

alright, i have good news and bad news...

the bad news is...i didn't make the israeli breakfast i was planning on yesterday. the good news is - boy went to the farmers market while i was at work on saturday and bought flowers, fresh bread, and farm fresh eggs!!!! we fried them up together yesterday, left the yolks runny, and toasted some bread for a good old fashioned dunky toast breakfast! the best part is boy got a double yolk!! now, he looked at me yesterday like i was a loon who had just escaped the crazy bin, but let me assure you, this means good luck, and what better time to have luck than now?? i mean with the new place, moving, travel, the new sex and the city movie...what? he needs the luck to deal with me and my shrill exclamations after i see the movie, "those shoes! that hair! aiden!" needless to say i can't wait...

in other news...i think i may need these, the good news is they aren't available until June 22, the bad news is they aren't available until June 22...what's a girl to do?!

i should also introduce you to my bff liam. he, like me, is obsessed with shoes..enjoy!
these shoes rock!

xo marysue

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  1. I do love the shoes but....i def. can see a broken ankle if i ever tried them!! In my next life I will wear exciting shoes!!!!