Thursday, May 20, 2010

does this bow make my butt look big?

you know - from what i can tell, the big apple a.k.a. bright lights big city is strongly influenced by a ton sweet southern charm.

example #1 the supermom, and my current obsession, Courtney Novogratz from Bravo's 9 by Design, she's got 7 kiddies, runs her own business alongside her husband of 15 years and manages it all while remaining stunningly beautiful and under control. not only am i drooling over the amazing renovations that the couple completes to transform some of manhattan's most dilapidated properties, but i also like the down-to-earth parenting that keeps their kids (with names like wolfie, breaker and five) relatively grounded while living in a $25 million museum-worthy property. perhaps it's a nod to their southern roots--courtney is from georgia and her husband, robert, grew up in virginia--that the couple is able to put family first and maintain such a laissez faire attitude in the midst of a bustling nyc.

example #2 also comes to you from Virginia - Jules Reid is not only a newcomer on the fashion scene, designing poppy prints with vibrant color schemes, but she is also a mom to a daughter and 3 little boys, wife, and lived a past life as a stock broker in nyc. making life work between virgina and ny may be tough, but this cookie knows how to do it right. see more of her fashions:

example #3 a young Mississippian named Willie Morris hops a Greyhound bus bound for New York City in 1963. In short order, he goes on to become the youngest editor in chief ever to preside over Harper’s magazine, a star of Manhattan’s literary scene, and close personal friends with the likes of William Styron and Frank Sinatra.

and finally example #4 Andre Leon Talley. he moved from durham, nc and rode the passion for fashion train all the way to vogue, that's right, VOGUE - he was once the editor-at-large for the world's fashion bible, and his humble beginnings began, right here in the state of kitty.

...hard to believe huh? of course there are countless other influences in nyc that have been inspired by southerners but i'm still wondering if the mess over the mason dixon line and the fight between the north and south, yankee vs confederate, wall streeter vs. farmer was not about what i learned in history class but really only about who had the better outfits and accessories?

xo marysue

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