Monday, March 15, 2010

A new day

hello world!

welcome to kitty goes to charlotte...while lounging on the couch last night sipping wine and watching the end of espn's selection show with the BF, we toyed with the idea of me starting a blog. so, here i am! since it is the first day of offically 'springing forward' i thought there was no better day..that and i am totally procrastinating at work..

with that said, i am a fashion, food, beauty, animal (anything else?) JUNKIE. i mean it. in every sense of the word. i live for it. can't get enough of it, breath it, dream about it (mostly fashion and kitties), talk about it, drool over it, everything. LOVE IT.

speaking of kitties....i have a kitty named minnie..enjoy!

xo marysue

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